Fish kuzhambu in 20 mins

Fish kuzhambu in 20 minutes very simple and easy method of doing village style Fish kuzhambu. Fish kuzhambu is always been one of a delicious Indian recipe served for rice. I have been already shared many variation of this fish kuzhambu but this time is a easy method of doing and also I made this kuzhambu in a short time of 20 mins. When your guest has already been arrived and you want to surprise them with an excellent non veg recipe. Please do try this one and enjoy your loved ones happiness.

The main thing for a taste of fish curry is that the fish should be fresh if your fish is not fresh it spoils the curry. And moreover each variety of fish has it’s own taste so if you had already experimented with the taste of fish you can buy the same fish. Furthermore the second thing is that the fish should not be overcooked it makes the curry mushy. Fish takes only less time to cook. As I cooked in a earthern clay pot once I add the fish I switch off the stove. The fish will gets cooked in the heat of the pot.

Thenext thing the oil, I have used sesame oil to cook it gives nice taste to the kuzhambu and also I used shallots which is also good for health and provides us a tasty curry. I have not added anything other than this. Only chilly powder, coriander powder and required salt. The other main thing is saute everything well in oil and also after adding tamarind do not adjust spice level by adding chilly powder, it spoils the taste. Check before it gets boiled well or at once after you add tamarind water. And also do not take more tamarind it will become very sour. If you keep all the ideas which I mentioned definitely your curry is going to be your favorite one. Do try and comment me.

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Fish kuzhambu
  1. Clean 1 kg fish add turmeric powder and rinse well.
  2. Peel 1/3 kg of shallots and take 7-8 tomatoes.
  3. Add shallots to a mixie jar
  4. Grind to a rough paste
  5. Add tomatoes to the same jar and grind
  6. Transfer to a plate
  7. Extract pulp from 1 gooseberry sized tamarind.
  8. In a earthern clay pot add 2 tsp sesame oil.
  9. Add 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
  10. Add few curry leaves
  11. I kept some shallots to saute in oil.
  12. Add ground shallots paste
  13. Add required salt
  14. Add 1 tsp turmeric powdee
  15. Add 3 tbsp chilly powder
  16. Add 4 tsp coriander powder
  17. Saute till oil leaves
  18. Add ground tomato paste
  19. Saute till masala binds well
  20. Add extracted tamarind water
  21. Adjust consistency, check for salt and allow to boil well.
  22. Once the raw smell leaves and starts rolling boil add cleaned fish pieces one by one.
  23. Make enough space to fish to cook.
  24. Switch off once you add all the fish. It will gets cooked in the heat of the pot.
  25. Garnish with coriander leaves.

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