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Nandu kulambu - crab curry
 Crab Curry / Nandu Kulambu / South Indian Crab Curry - Finger licking and tasty. This is a native style spicy gravy from Tamilnadu. I have prepared this kulambu in a very easy method as any
Prawn Rice
Prawn Rice recipe - இறால் சோறு
This recipe is not a fried rice kind of recipe nor a prawn biryani but a south indian style spicy instant prawn rice which can be done in a minimum of 15 mins. The method of
Kerala Aviyal recipe
சுவையான கேரளா ஸ்டைல் அவியல் - Authentic Kerala dish - Aviyal recipe
Aviyal is a unique traditional dish of kerala (South India) and no kerala feast (sadya) is complete without aviyal - mixed veg
தாளிச்ச மினி கொழுக்கட்டை
Pretempered rice flour dumplings very tasty and easy way of doing which you can try this Vinayagar chathurthi. This mini kara kozhukattai is something different in taste as we tempered rice flour
SuthaSaivam diet plan
சுத்த சைவம் டயட் - உடல் எடை குறைய
Introducing SuthaSaivam diet plan for we the South Indians. I know very well South Indians cannot live without eating rice. Rice accomodates 3/4 th of our plate,
Dahi Gravy
Dahi Gravy - instant side dish for idly, dosa, roti, naan and parotta. This instant dahi gravy can be made in 10 mins of time which tastes delicious and yummy. The main ingredient being curd the other ingredients
Spicy Whole Fish Fry
Spicy Fish fry - Catla fish or Kendai meen in Tamil. Going to fry the fish as a whole. Make sure you get a fresh fish in the market. You can check the freshness by seing the eyes. The eyes of the
Egg Drop Soup
Mixed Veg Egg drop Soup. This soup can be made with chicken stock or Vegetable Stock. Today am going to show you how to prepare with vegetable stock. The vegetables today I have used is carrots, beans and