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Ramadan, also known as ‘the month of Quran’, is the most cherished month in the Islamic calendar. It is the most awaited time of the year where all Muslims come together to pray and bond over food. The duration of fasting begins from the rising of the second dawn until dusk. Devotees keep ‘Rozas’ (fasts) as a practice of devotion and whole-heartedly follow this practice out of love for their creator. ‘Sehri’ is the most significant meal that is eaten before the morning prayer and ‘Iftar’ is the wholesome meal eaten at the end of the day to break the day’s fast.

Ramadan 2021 Date, Sehri & Iftar Timings: Ramadan is one of the most important periods in Islam during which people observe a fast. This year, Ramadan will begin on April 14, 2021 and, end on the evening of May 12, 2021 (dates may vary). During this time, Muslims observe fasting, which is called roza. While keeping roza, one should not eat or drink anything while the sun is shining. People wake up early in the morning to have their first meal or sehri and in the evening, they break their fast with the evening meal called iftaar. This month is auspicious and sacred to all believers.

The dates for Ramadan vary each year because they are dependent on the lunar calendar. Ramadan falls in the ninth month of the calendar and it begins once the crescent moon is sighted.

Ramadan or Ramazan originates from the Arabic word, ‘ar-ramad’, which means scorching heat. It is believed that it was during this period that the angel Gabriel revealed the words of the Quran to Muhammad. Fasting is done by believers to remember and commemorate this sacred revelation. Abstinence is followed and while maintaining the fast, believers give most priority to spiritual purification.

The end of the month of Ramadan is marked by Eid-ul-Fitr, when people break their fast and celebrate with a feast.

Iftaar Recipes-The holiest month on the Islamic calendar is around. Every year Ramzan witnesses millions of followers across the world partaking in what is called roza, the period of fasting. According to the Islamic tradition, the basic purpose behind keeping a roza is to instill a sense of self restraint in oneself. A typical day for the one who keeps a roza starts before dawn with a lavish meal (known as suhoor or sehri), and once the sun rises, he or she follows a strict fast until sun down, when after the evening prayer, the fast is broken and everyone get together to enjoy the Iftar feast.The Iftar feast is literally a celebration of good food – a day-long restrain culminated into an unbridled indulgence of mouthwatering delicacies. Traditionally, one is supposed to break the roza with dates as it is believed that Prophet Mohammad also broke his fast by eating three dates.

Kashmiri Pulao with nuts and fruits

Ramzan Special Ambur chicken Biriyani recipe in Tamil | One Pot Ambur Chicken biriyani – Ramadan Ambur Biryani: The South Indian Twist from the Kitchen of the Nawabs

Ramzan special mutton dum biriyani – Eid special

Hariyali Chicken | Green chicken recipe | North Indian Style Chicken Curry | Sidedish for roti, naan


Chicken Jalfrezi recipe in Tamil – hot and spicy stir fried chicken – Bakrid special chicken recipe

Mouth water and lip smacking Keema Biriyani – try this Ramzan

Simple Egg Biriyani recipe this Iftar

Hariyali Grilled chicken a wonderful starter/ sidedish a must try recipe this Ramzan

Spicy and tasty chicken chukka – a wonderful sidedish for paratha, naan and roti – a very good combo to try this Ramzan

Mutton keema vadacurry for breakfast | Minced meat vadacurry

Mutton keema vadacurry or minced meat vadacurry is an excellent sidedish for tiffin items like Idly, dosa, appam and also it suits rice also. Normally in South Indian hotels they serve vadacurry maded with lentils or channa dal and it tastes absolutely delicious. In the same way of vadacurry recipe this dish is made with minced meat instead of channa dal. During on a holiday or sunday or on any special occassions you can try this mutton keema vadacurry for breakfast.

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A wonderful combo recipe – Jeera rice and chicken tikka masala gravy.

Roasted chicken leg with homemade masalas – This incredibly delicious north Indian delicacy has been acknowledged as a popular Indian appetiser for more than a decade now. It is a very tempting fusion of savoury spices and juicy chicken legs. Sprinkle some chat masala, lemon juice and indulge.

Ramadan Sweets and Desserts – Iftar Desserts

A wonderful and mind blowing custard fruit salad

Iftar dessert – Royal Rose milk – rich and creamy with rose syrup, condensed milk, almond pisin etc

A very unique dessert to try and impress your love ones – Muskmelon punch

Rich and Royal falooda recipe – to try this Ramzan

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