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Everyone loves biriyani.. Biriyani not only satisfies our taste buds or fills your tummy.. Biriyani is an emotion. As am a foodie, If am stressed out I would like to eat my favorite recipes. Not only street foods when am in anger I would like to eat well. If you give a plate full of biriyani when am stressed out. I would become normal once I completed the plate. I hope its true for most of the people. Biriyani lovers will definitely wish to try many different types of varieties. Not only the content varies in the biriyani the taste actually differs from region to region. The way of making biryani give varied taste and also it depends on the content added in the biriyani for example many of us have mutton biriyani in the top list. Its true mutton biriyani gives nice taste and flavor and its based on the meat added to the biriyani. Similarly we have many types of biriyani based on the state or region. For example Ambur biriyani, Dindugal Thalapakatti biryani, hyderabadi biriyani, Malabar biriyani etc.

Biriyani tops any food lover’s list of favourite dishes, and it’s more than just comfort food. Many states in India have their own style of preparation but the biriyanis of Tamil Nadu are absolutely drool-worthy, enticing people with a melange of tempting flavours.

Biriyani lovers can find their haven in Tamil Nadu with its scrumptious varieties of non-vegetarian biriyanis. While cooking a biriyani in Tamil Nadu, the rice is cooked along with the chicken and not precooked, unlike in other states. This ensures that the spicy flavours generously seeped in.

There are four types of biriyanis in Tamil Nadu.

Ambur Biriyani

The legendary Ambur biriyani hails from the small town of Ambur in Vellore district. It stands apart as its flavour is enhanced with coriander, mint leaves and curd/dahi.

The secret recipe of Ambur biriyanis is said to have been developed by Hussain Baig who was a cook in the kitchen of the Nawab of Arcot. The taste soon found a place in the hearts of people, and became popular with fans around the state. It was started as a small establishment turned into a successful, massive brand a century later.

The spice levels of Ambur style biriyani is milder than the rest and is made with seeraga samba rice and mutton accompanied by brinjal curry and cucumber raita. The special variety rice used is called Seeraga samba which is smaller in size.

The Ambur star biriyani, as it is now called, is successfully run by the descendants of Hussain Baig.

Dindigul Biriyani

The city synonymous with its brand of biriyani, Dindigul enjoys a place in the hearts of all biriyani lovers with its matchless taste. Tamil Nadu’s Biriyani city is also known for its unique security lock known as ‘Dindigul Pootu’ which has secured for the city a GI tag.

The oldest biriyani restaurant in Thalapakatti was established in 1957 where the combination of heady taste and aroma is said to have been achieved by a meticulous selection of ingredients.

The Dindigul biriyani tastes different from Chettinad and Hyderabadi biriyanis because of its sour taste. It has also been said that the water used in its preparation plays as much significance as any other spice. The water from Kamarajar lake in Athur is said to enhance the flavour of Dindigul biriyani.

The ingredients that make the biriyani taste otherworldly are the Jeera samba rice (also known as ‘Parakkum sittu’ chosen by Nagaswamy Naidu who founded the brand), pepper and green chilli.

The use of star anise, mace powder and cloves to make the mutton recipe elevates the taste quotient to new levels.

Rawther Biriyani

The delectable Dum biriyani is a favourite among foodies around the globe. Rawther biriyani is a special type of Dum biriyani introduced by the Rawther Muslim community. It is popular in Palakkad district in Kerala and Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu.

The lip-smacking Rawther biriyani is high on spices and is commonly prepared using mutton.

This succulent biriyani is red in colour owing to its ample use of tomatoes and Kashmiri red chilly powder. There is an aromatic variety of short grain rice called Jeerakasala rice used for making the biriyani bringing a refined taste to the dish.

The special Rawther biriyani is made during celebrations and weddings and is consumed with a special side dish known as Kaicher.

Chettinad Biriyani

As Chettinad cuisine claims, the dishes from this land will please the gourmet in you with the most relishing flavours.

Chettinad biriyani can be made in one pot without much hassle, which is just as spicy and flavourful as the other Dum biriyanis.

The biriyani masala used is different in the Chettinad style and the rice used is seeraga samba. Nenju elumbu kuzhambu, a tangy goat meat gravy is said to be the best combo that any foodie would vouch for. The biriyani is topped with fried onions and curry leaves, and is sometimes combined with coconut milk which brings in a remarkable flavour and taste.

Lets check other states biriyani

Hyderabadi Biryani (Andhra Pradesh)

Hyderabadi biryani is one of the most popular dishes in South India. For many home cooks and chefs, this dish from Mughlai cuisine is quite a challenge to make, and each has his unique way of spicing it up. What makes it stand out is the usage of saffron and coconut. This biryani is cooked in layers ­ the most challenging part in its creation. While most other biryanis are always dominated by mutton and chicken gravy, here the saffron mixed-rice takes over. Usually they serve it with brinjal gravy.

Bhatkali Biryani (Coastal Karnataka)

Coastal Karnataka: Though low on spice, the Bhatkali biryani has the right amount of flavour. This particular style originated from the Nawayath Muslim community of Bhatkal, in coastal Karnataka. They use a lot of onions, green chillies in their style of cooking ­ also in the layered format. Unlike Ambur biryani, in which mutton pieces are soaked in curd, Bhatkali biryani chefs cook mutton chicken pieces in curd. This eventually makes the biryani less spicy.

Lucknowi Biryani (Uttar Pradesh)

Uttar Pradesh: Based on the Persian style of cooking, the Lucknowi biryani is made with the use of a completely different method known as dum pukht. As is the norm with most Persian formats, the meat and gravy are partially cooked and then layered in the dum pukht style. Served in a sealed handi, Lucknowi biryani is light on the stomach as it is low on spices.

Kolkata Biryani (West Bengal)

West Bengal: Kolkata biryani has its roots in the Nawabi style biryani of Lucknow. The chefs from Awadhi kitchens brought the signature biryani recipe to Kolkata, which later got tweaked into the unique Kolkata biryani that we know today. The Kolkata biryani is unique, thanks to its subtle use of spices combined with ghee, Basmati rice and mutton. The addition of potatoes and boiled eggs also lends a different flavour to the d dish. Use of nutmeg along with saffron and kewra gives this biryani its signature aroma.

Malabar Biryani (Kerala)

Kerala: Malabar biryani, famous in Kozhikode, Thalassery and Malappuram areas of Kerala, is characterised by the unique variety of rice called khyma rice, the rich flavour of spices, and the generous usage of cashew nuts and raisins. Chefs in Kerala add these ingredients generously while preparing the biryani. The key difference lies in the method of preparation. The rice is cooked separately from mutton gravy and mixed well only at the time of serving.

Sindhi Biryani (Sind Province, Pakistan)

Pakistan: Sindhi biryani, which originated in Sind, Pakistan, is quite spicy and zesty. Sour curd, generous use of spices and chilli mark this form of biryani. Usage of kewra or mitha ittr is another differentiating factor. Sindhi biryani recipes also use potatoes and prunes.

Bombay Biryani (Maharashtra)

Maharashtra: What makes Bombay biryani special is the use of potatoes in it. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian biryani, potato is a must. The preparation uses a layered method, where half-cooked basmati rice and cooked meat are put on dum-style.

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Suraikai biryani recipe in Tamil | Bottle gourd biryani recipe | Lauki biryani – Cookingmypassion

A very healthy and tasty bottle gourd biriyani. Bottle gourd recipes | Lauki recipes | Suraikai recipes | Veg Biriyani sorakaya briyani | sorakaya biryani

It is a very rare recipe, mosty people would make sambhar or curry with bottle gourd but this recipe I have learnt from my mother in law. Try this recipe and your family could not find the vegetable included in this birryani. Not only bottle gourd you can include vegetables of your choice along with to make this biryani.

Lauki Biryani recipe suraikkai biryani bottle gourd biryani
Lauki Biryani recipe suraikkai biryani bottle gourd biryani

Ambur veg biriyani recipe in Tamil | சீரக சம்பா | Seeraga Samba veg biriyani recipe in Tamil

Ambur veg biriyani recipe in Tamil – சீரக சம்பா Ambur veg biriyani this is a vegetarian version of the famous biryani from Ambur. Ambur is a town in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu and its biryani is very famous. I have used seeraga samba rice for making this biriyani, If possible use seeraga samba rice to make Ambur biryani. It brings out the real flavor. If you do not have seeraga samba rice, then use any medium or short grained rice but do not use basmati rice. Basmati rice won’t work well in the recipe. Seraga samba rice has its own flavor and while cooking with masalas and other Indian spices it tastes really good.

Detailed recipe

வஞ்சரம் மீன் பிரியாணி | Vanjaram Meen Biryani recipe – How to make perfect fish biryani

How to make a perfect fish biryani ( DUM STYLE) Vanjaram meen Briyani recipe. With 1/2 kg vanjaram meen / seer fish 1/2 kg basmati rice soake 1 hour

Mostly people would not try fish briyani because while making it fish may break and get mess up in the briyani. But the thing is we can make biryani without the mess up an you can find the whole piece of fish in the biryani. King fish/ vanjaram meen biryani is really very delicious.

Fish biryani recipe awesome taste cookingmypassion
Fish biryani recipe awesome taste cookingmypassion

White Veg Biryani recipe in Tamil | White Veg Dum Biryani Recipe | Guest lunch ideas

Plain biryani with any gravy is suitable. It is one of the best guest lunch ideas. you can make this plain biryani and keep 2 gravies one veg and non veg. so that guest with option of eating only veg and only non veg both gets satisfied with this kind of dish. Moreover it is very easy to feed the kids as it is not much spicy.

White vegetable briyani recipe cookingmypassion
White vegetable briyani recipe cookingmypassion

Ramzan special breakfast dinner | mutton keema godhumai ravai briyani – Diabetes breakfast recipe

Mutton keema broken wheat upma | mutton keema godhumai ravai briyani – Diabetes breakfast recipe Daila is good for a healthy weight management and weight loss. Dalia or broken wheat is also good for diabetes as it is low in glycemic index. It helps to keep your tummy full for longer and hence helps in weight loss. This is a good try for foodies those who want to lose weight without losing their taste of food. Dalia / broken wheat / samba rava upma with mutton keema/ minced meat has an excellent taste. you must definitely give a try.


Diwali special |White Mutton Biriyani recipe in Tamil | Deepavalli guest lunch ideas | mutton pulao

White Mutton Biriyani recipe in Tamil | Kids special spiceless mutton pulao – CookingMyPassion #whitemuttonbiriyani #muttonbiriyani #biriyani #cookingmypassion | Diwali Recipes | Deepavalli recipes | Bakrid Recipes | Ramzan recipe special White mutton Biriyani | White mutton Pulao

White mutton biriyani is a spiceless version of normal mutton biriyani. And the only spice we add here is the green chilly and the spiceness from the ginger and garlic paste. This biriyani we dont add garam masala powder, instead we add wholes spices. Because the powder changes the color of the rice. In this biryani we also avoid adding toamtoes and again the tomatoes change the color of the biriyani.

White mutton biryani white mutton pulao recipe cookingmypassion
White mutton biryani white mutton pulao recipe cookingmypassion

Instead we add dahi or curd to give nice taste and richness. If you make this white biriyani with ghee am damn sure it tastes really awesome. Kids usually don’t eat a spicy mutton biriyani but they jus love the taste and flavor of this biriyani. For other family members you can serve it with a spicy mutton gravy or a chicken gravy etc. So every one are happy enjoying the rich white mutton biriyani according to their taste. Usually boiled egg is served with biriyani but with this white mutton biriyani I served a spicy egg fry so that others do really enjoy. Please do try and post comments.

Ramzan Special Ambur chicken Dum Biriyani recipe in Tamil | One Pot Ambur Chicken biriyani – Ramadan

Ramzan Special Ambur chicken Biriyani recipe in Tamil | One Pot Ambur Chicken biriyani – Ramadan #amburbiriyani #ramzan #Diwali #Deepavalli #bakrid Ambur Biryani: The South Indian Twist from the Kitchen of the Nawabs. This ambur chicken dum biryani is made with the seeraga samba rice.

Ambur chicken biryani recipe cookingmypassion
Ambur chicken biryani recipe cookingmypassion

In India it’s biryani that Ambur is best known for. Located exactly halfway between Chennai and Bengaluru, Ambur was an important town in the erstwhile Arcot region that were once lorded over by the Nawabs of Arcot. Given the fascinating biryani trail that touched different corners of the country it was only a matter of time that this ultimate comfort food arrived in these parts. What used to be loosely categorised as Arcot Biryani has now become Ambur Biryani, reflecting this town’s strong culinary credentials.


Ramzan special mutton dum biriyani – Eid special | Bakrid mutton biriyani | Ramzan recipes

Basmati rice Mutton briyani recipe cookingmypassion
Basmati rice Mutton briyani recipe cookingmypassion

நச்சுன்னு நாட்டு கோழி பிரியாணி – Naatu kozhi biriyani

Naatu kozhi biryani recipe cookingmypassion country chicken biryani
Naatu kozhi biryani recipe cookingmypassion country chicken biryani

Mushroom Biriyani – pressure cooker method in Tamil – Kalan biryani recipe

Diwali special | Bamboo Dum Biriyani in Tamil | Moongil biriyani | multi nonveg biriyani | Ramzan

world famous Bamboo dum biriyani is a Delicious Food. It all started with Cooking Chicken in Bamboo and then to biriyani. Many Restaurants in South India regularly does that and serves for its customers. Many hotels all over India serves bamboo Biriyani. Interestingly In Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, tribal communities cook chicken inside the hollow of a bamboo without using any oil or water. Small raw chicken pieces are marinated with heavy masala and stuffed inside a bamboo that is open from one side. The other opening is closed by banana leaves. This bamboo is now put on coal fire and turned a few times so that the heat spreads out evenly.

Bamboo Biriyani Multi non veg moongil biriyani
Bamboo Biriyani Multi non veg moongil biriyani

The heavenly aroma that is a blend of bamboo, burnt wood, divine herbs and chicken cooked in its own delicate juices. Once the bamboo is burnt black, it is opened and served hot. Similarly am not going to cook in coal fire instead lets cook in the pressure cooker steamer so that the bamboo is reused at home. And also am going to arrange layers of mutton, chicken and prawns along with cooked rice with saffron milk and fried onions. It came out very well and tastes delicious. in olden days village cooking involves cooking meat in fire which gave nice taste to the dish. bamboo Biriyani maker

Spicy Egg biriyani – muttai biriyani – yummy biriyani

சுவையான கத்திரிக்காய் பிரியாணி | Brinjal biriyani recipe in Tamil | Tasty and different biryani

Ambur mutton biriyani | aromatic seeraga samba mutton biriyani | Diwali special mutton biriyani

நண்டு பிரியாணி – Crab biryani recipe in Tamil – Nandu briyani #cookingmypassion

Veg biriyani cooking challenge by SenthilKumar – with stop watch – #cookingchallenge


மண்பானை இறால் பிரியாணி | Mud Pot Prawn Briyani | Manchatti briyani | one pot prawn dum briyani

One pot prawn biryani briyani recipe cookingmypassion
One pot prawn biryani briyani recipe cookingmypassion


இறால் சோறு – Prawn Rice – South Indian style Spicy prawn rice

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