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Indian lunch box ideas for kids, adults. Here are simple Indian lunch box ideas for school and office its very healthy and tasty.

Lunch 19 Kids & Adults :

Carrot rice – Carrot rice is very easy to make and also healthy too. Simply cook rice as usual and cool down completely. Grate carrots and if your kid like onions in rice you can add or else avoid. Jus temper with oil, mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal, curry leaves, dry chilly 1 and then add grated carrots and saute well. Add salt and mix well once the veg is cooked add cooked rice and mix gently. make sure to cool rice a bit so that it has seperate grains.

For the sidedish you can any fry varieties like potato fry, raw banana stir fry, yam fry etc but with less spice for kids.

Lunch 18 Kids & Adults :

Curd rice with raw banana stir fry. You can also serve curd rice with many sidedish. if your kids like tempering curd rice you can do so or keep it as simple as such.

Lunch 17 Kids & Adults :

Tamarind rice a perfect lunch that can prepare easily if your run out of time. And if you had a fresh batch of puliogare mix in the fridge life is very much easier.

Lunch 16 Kids & Adults :

Yakhni pulao or simple mixed veg pulao is a healthy lunch you can pack for your kids lunch box. My kids jus eat this mixed veg pulao without any sidedish. For office goers and adults you can serve with any spicy veg or non veg gravy. I have served this pulao with chana kurma.

Lunch 15 Kids & Adults :

Channa pulao or if you add more spice its chana briyani – very easy one pot meal that can be served with onion or cucumber raita. For  kids you can make this pulao with less spice so that the lunch box is empty.

Lunch 14 Kids & Adults :

Coriander rice with potato fry and some appalam/ vathal.

Lunch 13  Adults :

Bisibelabath – Authentic Karnataka style dish 

You can serve this rice with appalam / papad / pickle etc

Lunch 12 Kids &  Adults :

Veg pulao with boiled egg gravy

for snacks some murukku

Lunch 11 Kids &  Adults :

Keerai sadham a very healthy and tasty meal you can serve the whole family. Potato fry, yam fry etc suits best for the keerai sadham.

Lunch 10 Kids &  Adults :

Roti of any kind with veg gravy can be packed for lunch. Kids also like paneer kind of gravies.

Lunch 9 Kids &  Adults :

Plain birinji with raita is one of the combo can be packed which is easy one pot meal.

Lunch 8 Kids &  Adults :

Missi roti with raita or gravy for adults.

Lunch 7 Kids &  Adults :

Mint laccha paratha with raita

Lunch 6 Kids &  Adults :

Bottle gourd biriyani which you can try with some other veg like peas or carrot. mostly kids avoid eating vegetable but am sure they will eat this kind of rice with vegetables. you can serve this one pot healthy meal with raita.

Lunch 5 Kids &  Adults :

To make them to show interest to eat or complete their lunch box you can try paniyaram with chutney. in this paniyaram i have added grated carrots also.

Lunch 4 Kids &  Adults :

Masala roti / ajawain roti etc can be packed for lunch with curd or raita.

Lunch 3 Kids &  Adults :

Beetroot rice with yam fry. for snacks or breakfast I served ragi semia.

Lunch 2 Kids &  Adults :

Tamarind rice with potato roast for snacks chips.

Lunch 1 Kids &  Adults :

Coriander leaves masala roti with chow chow & brown chickpeas curry.

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