Indian Diabetic friendly recipes – Millets and Traditional rice recipes

Indian diabetic friendly recipes
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Indian Diabetic Recipes | food for diabetes | healthy Indian recipes for diabetes | Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Have a balanced diet, which includes complex cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables. You can include all types of millets like jowar, bajra etc. And also oats and barley are healthier options as they allow carbohydrate to be absorbed slowly. so that the blood sugar spike is prevented.

Have only one source of protein like dal, milk or curds in each of your meal. Too much protein might put excess load on your kidney. If you have kidney disorder you must keep an eye on your protein intake.

Increase your intake of fibre-rich foods like raw vegetables and fruits. Also intake green leafy vegetables as they are low in glycemic index and lead to a gradual increase in the blood sugar levels. You can also include dalia/ broken wheat in your diet. You can make broken wheat vegetables upma an healthier option for breakfast or dinner.

While eating raw fruits make sure you do not have fruits like mango, water melon, chickoo, custard apple, banana, jack fruit as they have a high sugar content and high GI. Do no opt for any fruit juices as it will spike your sugar level.

Avoid processed and refined foods. Avoid white colored foods like rice, maida, white sugar and also cake and other pastry items. Avoid fast food items, avoid sugar, jaggery and even honey.

As an alternatives of rice you can include brown rice or black rice. Kerala matta rice is also good for diabetic people. Red rice miraculously controls the insulin levels within the body and is extremely beneficial for someone who is diabetic and would still like to enjoy the goodness of rice. Most importantly, red rice is also rich in magnesium, which helps the body fight certain ailments with considerable ease.

Hand pounded rice is also a healthier option to the regular white rice. The rice is high on fibre. Though it may take more time to cook, it compensates for its nourishment. It is low on the Glycemic Index and therefore considered safe for diabetics and all those on a specific diet.

Indian diabetic friendly recipes
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Below given are few recipes from our channel specifically for Diabetic people you can give it a try.

Godhumai ravai idly broken wheat idly recipe Dhaliya idly recipe Kara chutney recipe in Tamil

Check how to make godhumai rava idly recipe broken wheat / dhaliya / daliya idly recipe with spicy chutney.

வெற்றிலை ரசம் | Betel leaves Rasam recipe | Home remedy for cold, cough | dry cough home remedy

Betel leaves has numerous health benefits. It not only cure cold, cough it can also prevent as from infections. It also cure extreme dry cough and sore throat. Betel leaves is also good for diabetic patients and people those who want to lose weight. It is also good for you bones and joint pain. Betel leaves is good for digestion problems. best home remedy for many problems.

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