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In this post let me share some non veg breakfast and lunch recipes to try on festivals like Diwali, Ramzan etc. All the recipes have a video link please do check it. Am very eager to share this post to you. A special list for the non vegetarians to try and enjoy this Diwali with your family and friends. As we are hard core non vegetarians, it is a must to prepare non veg recipes on the day of Diwali. There are many different varieties of non veg breakfast one of the important are idly karikuzhambu, idly naatu kozhi kuzhambu, idiyappam paaya, kari dosa etc. People mostly on Diwali enjoy having mutton recipes.

You can also have a look on Diwali Sweets and Snacks list from our blog in the link below.


Diwali Special Breakfast | Idly mutton kuzhambu | Idly with kari kulambu in Tamil | Nonveg breakfast

#breakfast #muttonkuzhambu #Diwali #karivirunthu Kari kuzhambu / mutton kuzhambu for breakfast for 6-7 people

How to make kari kuzhambu for 6-7 people in a pressure cooker?

Mutton Kuzhambu Recipe a south Indian mutton gravy / Kuzhambu goes well with idli, dosa, rice, chapathi, Parotta etc.

Diwali special Non-veg breakfast recipe and everyone would definitely love to have this hot. In this video I have shown how to make a perfect south Indian style kari kuzhambu or mutton kulambu for idly, dosa. this mutton kuzhambu i made in chettinad style with freshly ground masalas. While you cook mutton along with the Indian masalas and spices the mutton and the bone tastes good with the masala inside.

Mutton kuzhambu recipe a must for all non-veg lovers especially for this Diwali. Idli mutton kuzhambu is a must in many household for Diwali breakfast. I had many requests to post mutton kuzhambu recipe and here the video. Do try this Kuzhambu for this Diwali for breakfast and enjoy with your family and friends.

மதுரை கறி தோசை | Madurai Special Kari dosai recipe in Tamil | Bakrid recipes | Keema dosai Madurai street food in Tamil Original kari dosai. Madurai semakkal konar kadai keema dosai. #deepavalli #Diwali #Ramzan #Bakrid

Kari Dosai – Dosa is one item which is something I can have any time of the day, its never a boring deal. There is always a batch of batter in my refrigerator that saves me at the end of a busy work day. Sometimes I make it interesting by trying it with variety of toppings- this little kari dosai is one among them, is a whole meal in itself! They call it Madurai kari dosai- though been to Madurai a couple of times but never really tried this dish but had to chance to try it for the first time when my hubby made it for me. You can also make it with any leftover mutton gravy.

Madura special Kari dosa konar mess style kari dosa recipe

The way my hubby did was a original keema kari dosa recipe from madurai street foods. As they prepare a mutton keema gravy first and while making dosa they add egg so that the layer of mutton get sticks to the dosa well and also its very tasty. They also add a laddle of mutton kulambu or any salna variety to the dosa to get nice taste.

मटन कीमा डोसा recipe . Here is the perfect madurai kari dosa you can make this Diwali for breakfast. You can serve this for guests and relatives which they would love to have this Diwali. we made this dosa with home made minced meat. minced is prepared from the mutton pieces. In the shop they usually use stomach part and fat while making minced meat and we don’t like that. so we bought meat and used only the boneless meat for chopping it to fine pieces. if you prepare keema from this it tastes good. a spicy keema curry is prepared and dosa is made. in a hot tawa a laddle full of dosa batter is added and gently roll over do not make too thin. let it be thick, immediately add a egg on it mix well with the batter. add mutton kuzhambu if any on the dosa 2-3 tbsp. adding kuzhambu or gravy while making dosa gives nice taste. add oil 2-3 tsp at once add the prepared keema generously on the dosa. let it cooked in simmer for few mins and gently flip over. after turning add little oil and cook for 2 mins. the mutton layer is roasted well and it’s in nice brown color. serve hot with kuzhambu.

Check keema dosa making video

கறி வடை | Kari Vada Recipe in Tamil | Mutton Keema Vada | Minced Meat Vadai | Chettinad recipes | Bakrid recipes | Ramzan | Diwali Snacks recipes

கறி வடை | Kari Vada Recipe in Tamil | Mutton Keema Vada கறி வடை செய்வது எப்படி ? #muttonkeemavada #karivadai #cookingmypassion #mincedmeatvada #keemavada #snacks Minced Meat Vadai – Mutton Keema Vadai – Chettinad Recipes an excellent sidedish or a snacks recipe. You can try this mutton keema vada or Diwali or Ramzan or Bakrid or on a special occassion. Kids and the whole family would love this mutton keema vadai.

Madurai Special Bun Parotta recipe in Tamil | Madurai famous street food | Diwali breakfast recipe

The next best breakfast recipe is also from Madurai chettinad cuisine yes its bun parotta one of the best madurai street food item. You can also try this bun parotta recipe this Diwali along with mutton salna. Bun parotta a famous breakfast recipes from Madurai. crispy and flaky layers of parotta with soft layers inside.

Bun Parotta is the most famous dish in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu. This Bun parotta is very tasty and crispy and mainly prepared for the dinner time. This is found in almost all the restaurants in Madurai and few special restaurants in other districts. Madurai has lots of special dishes and it is one among them, which is really tempting. This parotta is usually prepared with all-purpose flour/ Maida accompanied by sugar, salt and kneaded with egg, oil, and water. This dough should rest for 5 hours or atleast 2 hours which helps elasticity and flexibility. It helps in giving more layers. Then this dough is made as a layered parotta and cooked with oil in a tawa. A very easy recipe for home made parottas from scratch. The bun parotta has the shape of a bun and is also fluffier than the usual Malabar parotta.

மட்டன் சால்னா – Chettinadu Madurai Style Mutton Salna recipe in Tamil | Excellent Side dish Parotta

#muttonsalna #Diwalispecial #Diwalibreakfast #Deepavalli

Madurai Special Mutton Salna recipe an excellent sidedish for Parotta. A traditional Mutton Salna recipe that is so popular in madurai with rich flavours that makes it so perfect to serve with parota. Mutton pieces are cooked in onion and tomato based gravy with ground nuts(cashews, roasted gram dal) , coconut few spices to enhance the flavour. Lot of variations are there in making Salna but the basic ingredients are nuts, spices and coconut.

Diwali special non veg breakfast recipe | Idiyappam Aatukaal Paaya recipe in Tamil

Diwali special non veg breakfast recipe | Idiyappam Aatukaal Paaya recipe in Tamil #Diwali #DiwaliRecipes #Diwalinonveg #breakfast #Idiyappam #paaya

Breakfast recipes to make on Diwali. Non veg breakfast recipe to make during Diwali festival. Idiyappam aatukaal paya a very famous south Indian breakfast combo recipe. Paya is a traditional food from the Indian Subcontinent. It is served at various festivals and gatherings, or made for special guests. Paaya means ‘legs’ in Urdu. The main ingredients of the dish are the trotters (or hoof of a cow, goat, buffalo or sheep) cooked with various spices. And its yummy when served with rice string hoppers or Idiyappam.

Idiyappam, also known as string hopper, nool puttu, or noolappam, chomai, indiappa is a rice noodle dish originating from the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It consists of rice flour pressed into noodles, woven into a flat disc-like shape and steamed.

Diwali special non veg breakfast recipe | Guest lunch | Idly with nandu Kuzhambu

Diwali special |White Mutton Biriyani recipe in Tamil | Deepavalli guest lunch ideas | mutton pulao

White Mutton Biriyani recipe in Tamil | Kids special spiceless mutton pulao – CookingMyPassion #whitemuttonbiriyani #muttonbiriyani #biriyani #cookingmypassion | Diwali Recipes | Deepavalli recipes | Bakrid Recipes | Ramzan recipe special White mutton Biriyani | White mutton Pulao

White mutton Biriyani

White mutton biriyani is a spiceless version of normal mutton biriyani. And the only spice we add here is the green chilly and the spiceness from the ginger and garlic paste. This biriyani we dont add garam masala powder, instead we add wholes spices. Because the powder changes the color of the rice. In this biryani we also avoid adding toamtoes and again the tomatoes change the color of the biriyani. Instead we add dahi or curd to give nice taste and richness. If you make this white biriyani with ghee am damn sure it tastes really awesome. Kids usually don’t eat a spicy mutton biriyani but they jus love the taste and flavor of this biriyani. For other family members you can serve it with a spicy mutton gravy or a chicken gravy etc. So every one are happy enjoying the rich white mutton biriyani according to their taste. Usually boiled egg is served with biriyani but with this white mutton biriyani I served a spicy egg fry so that others do really enjoy. Please do try and post comments.

Mutton Keema vadacurry for Diwali breakfast !!!

Mutton keema vadacurry

Mutton keema vadacurry or minced meat vadacurry is an excellent sidedish for tiffin items like Idly, dosa, appam and also it suits rice also. Normally in South Indian hotels they serve vadacurry maded with lentils or channa dal and it tastes absolutely delicious. In the same way of vadacurry recipe this dish is made with minced meat instead of channa dal. During on a holiday or sunday or on any special occassions you can try this mutton keema vadacurry for breakfast.

Below is the video link

Ramzan Special Ambur chicken Biriyani recipe in Tamil | One Pot Ambur Chicken biriyani – Ramadan | Diwali special lunch

#amburbiriyani #ramzan #Diwali #Deepavalli #bakrid Ambur Biryani: The South Indian Twist from the Kitchen of the Nawabs

In India it’s biryani that Ambur is best known for. Located exactly halfway between Chennai and Bengaluru, Ambur was an important town in the erstwhile Arcot region that were once lorded over by the Nawabs of Arcot. Given the fascinating biryani trail that touched different corners of the country it was only a matter of time that this ultimate comfort food arrived in these parts. What used to be loosely categorised as Arcot Biryani has now become Ambur Biryani, reflecting this town’s strong culinary credentials.

நச்சுன்னு நாட்டு கோழி பிரியாணி – Naatu kozhi biriyani

Country chicken biriyani recipe in Tamil #chickenbiriyani #naatukozhi #cookingmypassion #biriyani Naatu kozhi biriyani is extremely delicious when prepared with marination of Indian spices and masalas. This time we tried biriyani with shallots which gave nice taste to the biriyani.

Bamboo Dum Biriyani in Tamil | Moongil biriyani | multi nonveg biriyani | Bakrid recipes | Ramzan | Diwali special non veg Biriyani

#bamboobiriyani #biriyani #moongilbiriyani #dumbiriyani world famous Bamboo dum biriyani is a Delicious Food. It all started with Cooking Chicken in Bamboo and then to biriyani. Many Restaurants in South India regularly does that and serves for its customers. Many hotels all over India serves bamboo Biriyani. Interestingly In Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, tribal communities cook chicken inside the hollow of a bamboo without using any oil or water. Small raw chicken pieces are marinated with heavy masala and stuffed inside a bamboo that is open from one side. The other opening is closed by banana leaves.

This bamboo is now put on coal fire and turned a few times so that the heat spreads out evenly. The heavenly aroma that is a blend of bamboo, burnt wood, divine herbs and chicken cooked in its own delicate juices. Once the bamboo is burnt black, it is opened and served hot. Similarly am not going to cook in coal fire instead lets cook in the pressure cooker steamer so that the bamboo is reused at home. And also am going to arrange layers of mutton, chicken and prawns along with cooked rice with saffron milk and fried onions. It came out very well and tastes delicious. in olden days village cooking involves cooking meat in fire which gave nice taste to the dish.

Guest breakfast | dinner menu ideas – non veg menu – Aapam naatu kozhi kuzhambu | chicken65

Aapam with naatu kozhi kuzhambu is also an excellent non veg breakfast item. We served this breakfast combo to one of our guest along with chicken 65.

Diwali Special mutton nalli kuzhambu recipe in Tamil | Chettinad Mutton Nalli kuzhambu | Breakfast

அருமையான மட்டன் நல்லி எலும்பு குழம்பு | Chettinad Mutton Nalli kuzhambu in Tamil | Bone marrow curry | Bakrid recipes #Diwali #Deepavalli #Diwalibreakfast #Deepavallibreakfast Mutton nalli is very spicy and flavorful. Its a delicacy and bone marrow is very flavorful and high in fat. Its really good for boosting immunity. Mutton Nalli is also called as “Mutton Bone marrow” in English It contains a great source of omega 3 fatty acid which has essential for efficient brain functioning.

In this video I have shown how to make a Chettinad style spicy mutton nalli kuzhambu recipe with freshly ground masala. mutton nalli when cooked in this masala for long time the contents in the bone marrow get mixed up in the kuzhambu and gives a nice taste. try this tasty mutton nalli kuzhambu and post your comment. அருமையான மட்டன் நல்லி எலும்பு குழம்பு.

பாய் வீட்டு கல்யாண தால்ச்சா | Muslim Wedding Style Mutton Dalcha recipe in Tamil | Ramzan special | Diwali special

About Mutton Dalcha Recipe: Mutton Dalcha is a famous meat curry from Hyderabad. It is made with juicy mutton, chana dal and a host of spices. Dalcha with mutton and kaddu is yet another Hyderabadi cuisine often made with meat or mutton mixed in bottle gourd (kaddu) and dal(lentils). It is the most common dish made in Hyderabad which has been passing on since the Nizam’s era.

About dalcha Mutton Dalcha is usually prepared during lunchtime. It is a very good combination with Bagara khana. Not just mutton but one can even add chicken or add just veggies and make as chicken dalcha or veg dalcha. This Mutton Dalcha tastes good when served with Bagara Rice, Hyderabadi Biryani or Rotis. I hope you try and enjoy the recipe.

How to make the best mutton chops recipe in Tamil – Spicy and yummy Mutton chops recipe

How to make the best mutton chops recipe in Tamil – Spicy and yummy Mutton chops recipe #muttonchops #chopsrecipe #tamilcooking #foodie #nonveglovers #cookingmypassion

mutton chops 1/2 kg onion 2 Tomato 2 1 TSP ginger garlic paste 1 TSP chilly powder 1 TSP coriander powder 1/2 TSP garam masala 1 cup curd spices required salt South Indian yummy mutton chops came out very well. it tastes excellent with chapathi, roti naan etc. mutton chops goes well with rice or rasam saadham.

தேங்காய் பால் சாதம் உருண்டை கறி குழம்பு – coconut milk rice mutton keema balls curry | Bakrid recipe | Diwali Lunch menu

Coconut milk Pulao or coconut milk rice with meat balls curry is an excellent lunch menu. Our family serve this during the arrival of newly weds to home to give them a grand non veg feast. It tastes absolutely delicious with the flavorful and aromatic coconut milk rice with spicy and delicious meat balls curry or urundai kari kulambu in Tamil. Keema balls curry is spicy so that its a good combination to have with the coconut milk pulao.

செட்டிநாடு தலைக்கறி குழம்பு – mutton thalakari kuzhambu | Bakrid and Ramzan special recipes | Diwali special

I have learnt to make this mutton thalakari kuzhambu from my mother in law. She used to freshly ground spices for this mutton thala kari kuzhambu which is absolutely delicious to have with any tiffin items like idly, dosa or even with steamed rice.

ஈரல் கிரேவி | Mutton liver gravy – Diwali recipes non veg breakfast sidedish for Idly, Dosa

Mutton liver gravy is not only taste but it also has numerous health benefits to have. You can serve this with breakfast or with lunch menu sidedishes.

South Indian non veg meals hotel style – fish kuzhambu, mutton kuzhambu, chicken perattal, fish fry

The best south indian non veg meals / thali with steamed rice, fish kuzhambu, mutton kuzhambu, chicken perattal, fish fry, chicken fry, rasam etc all in one video done on the same day.

Sea food items to try this Diwali

Kerala style Spicy fish fry in Tamil | Paarai meen varuval | meen varuval | Kerala cuisine

Kerala style spicy fish fry is first marinated with spice for atleast 1/2 hour to one hour and then cooked in coconut oil and so the flavor and taste is very rich. Fish is marianated with 2 tsp red chilly powder ,1 tbsp coriander powder, 1/2 tsp cumin powder, 1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp lemon juice, 2 tsp coconut oil, water as required coconut oil for frying onion and lemon wedges for garnishing.

செட்டிநாடு மீன் வறுவல் | Spicy Chettinad Fish fry recipe in Tamil | South Indian cuisine #fishfry

செட்டிநாடு மீன் வறுவல் | Spicy Chettinad Fish fry recipe in Tamil | South Indian cuisine #fishfry #chettinad #nonveg #fish Spicy Chettinad Fish Fry, a delicious recipe from South Indian cuisine that you can serve as a side dish with your meals or just as a starter. Spicy Chettinad Fish Fry Recipe is a delicious and spicy preparation of fish made in the Chettinad region of South India. Chettinad cuisine is known for spicy food which is made using freshly ground masalas.

Chepala Pulusu – Andhra style spicy & tangy fish curry | Authentic Andhra cuisine – cookingmypassion

Chepala Pulusu: Make Andhra Style Tangy and Spicy Fish Curry at Home Indian cuisine has several delicious and aromatic fish recipes. Each state and region has its own version. Chepala Pulusu or Andhra Fish Curry is a famous spicy and tangy fish curry recipe from Andhra Pradesh. Here we share a Chepala Pulusu recipe made with tamarind extracts and spices. It is full of flavour and the authentic goodness of Andhra cuisine.

Meen Pollichathu recipe in Tamil – Kerala style fish Pollichathu – Fish cooked in banana leaves

Meen Pollichathu recipe in Tamil – Kerala style fish Pollichathu – Fish cooked in banana leaves #keralacuisine #fishrecipes #fishpollichathu Meen Pollichathu – Kerala style Meen Pollichathu cooked in coconut oil covered with banana leaves – vazhayila. Traditionally done with karimeen – pearl spot fish but I took a big para fish. When the fish is cooked in banana leaf the flavor penetrates well into the fish and the aroma of banana leaf is divine. This is one of the very classic preparation that everyone loves it. Many people do not fry the fish and do pollichathu But we in this recipes shown how to fry the fish and then make a gravy and apply all over the fish and then wrap in the banana leaves and fry again in coconut oil. Eventhough the process is lengthy but the out come is very very delicious. Eveyone of the fish lovers must try this recipe.

Nandu milagu masala in Tamil| Non veg Guest lunch ideas – Fish kuzhambu | Vanjaran fish fry – Crab

Nandu milagu masala | Non veg Guest lunch ideas | Vanjaran fish kuzhambu | Vanjaran fish fry #nandu #nandumilaguvaruval #crabpepper #Crabmasala #guestlunch #nonvegmenu

Diwali special non veg kuzhambu | Nandu kulambu – crab curry

Crab Curry / Nandu Kulambu / South Indian Crab Curry – Finger licking and tasty. This is a native style spicy gravy from Tamilnadu. I have prepared this kulambu in a very easy method as any one can prepare and enjoy. I have not added any ground masalas, no coconut, no tamarind but included the Indian spice powders to get the authentic taste of a chettinad style kuzhambu. Am damn sure that you will love the taste of the kulambu and the flavor. you can just prepare this nandu kulambu in a minimum of 30 mins.

Chicken recipes | Starters | Side dishes

Chicken Lollipop recipe in Tamil | Chicken starters | Appetizers | Crispy & Spicy chicken Lollipop

chicken Lollipop a wonderful starter recipe served in many restaurants and hotels. marinated chicken is fried and served with mayo, sauce or with onion slices and lemon wedges. From kids to adults everyone like to have chicken lolipop and it is very easy to make. We just mix chicken lolipop pieces with spicy masalas and then marinate it and then fry it. #chickenlolipop #chickenstarters #starters

One-Pot Chicken curry in Pressure cooker explanation in Tamil | Quick and tasty chicken curry

#chickencurry #onepotchicken #quickchickengravy One-Pot Chicken curry in Pressure cooker A scrumptious and rustic yet authentic South Indian inspired One Pot Pressure Cooker Chicken Curry Recipe, is a simple and delicious recipe. All ingredients put together all at once, making it simple yet bursting with flavours.

You can make this recipe very quick but am damn sure that it comes out very well. Make paste of all the ingredients jus add and pressure cook with the chicken. This chicken really comes out delicious you can serve as a sidedish for chapathi, roti, naan etc. not only roti kinda you can also serve with idly, dosa and even rice.

Erode Pallipalayam Chicken Fry Recipe in Tamil – South Indian Cuisine | Cookingmypassion

Erode Pallipalayam Chicken Fry Recipe is a quick Tamilnadu Style Chicken side dish. It contains very few ingredients and yet turns out to be very delicious. The key essence to this dish is the use of pearl onions, garlic and deseeded red chilly which is widely used in Tamil Nadu Cuisine. Shallots is popularly called as “Chinna Vengayam”. The onions and garlic then sautéed well with basic Indian spices. The boneless chicken pieces are then cooked in this aromatic masala. Coconut pieces are added in this recipe for its authentic taste. You no need to add any spice other than the red chilly. If you prefer you can chilly powder to taste. But the deseeded red chilly is enough to give the spiceness as it is sauted well in oil.

Erode pallipalayam chicken fry can be served with steamed rice or with any chapathi and roti varieties. It is very spicy and tasty. Please do try this recipe and post comments.

Chicken Do pyaza recipe in Tamil | Do Pyaaza Dishes – Mughal and Persian Cuisine| Cookingmypassion

About Chicken Do Pyaaza Recipe: A scrumptious north Indian chicken recipe, Chicken Do Pyaaza is a delight for chicken lovers!. This recipe is from mughals and Persian cuisine. Marinated chicken chunks cooked in a variety of spices, yogurt and kasoori methi. This dish is bursting with aromatic flavours and a beautiful, creamy gravy. This recipe is an easy and any one can make in just about an hour. A delicious dish to prepare for a dinner party and special occasions or just a casual dinner at home with friends.

Hariyali Grilled chicken recipe in Tamil – Ramzan special starters recipe cookingmypassion

Hariyali Grilled chicken is a famous north Indian dish in the Punjab region. This chicken recipes is also called as green chicken. As it is marinated in fresh green chutney. Mint leaves coriander leaves green chilly as the main ingredients.

Malabar chicken curry – Varutharaicha chicken curry – Kerala style | cookingmypassion

Malabar chicken curry or chicken gravy from kerala cuisine is very delicious as it is made with ground masala items and specifically cooked in coconut oil.

Spicy Chukka Chicken Recipe | Chicken Chukka Roast dry version – Ramzan recipes – Diwali special #cookingmypassion

Spicy chicken chukka is dry version of chicken gravy the chicken is slow cooked in masalas and spices it can be served as a sidedish for rice and roti.

Chicken Jalfrezi recipe in Tamil – hot and spicy stir fried chicken – Bakrid special chicken recipe

Hariyali Chicken | Green chicken recipe | North Indian Style Chicken Curry | Sidedish for roti, naan

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