Cardamom powder

In this quarantine period let us prepare some spice powders and keep it for later use. Today let us prepare cardamom powder or elaichi powder. We South Indian people use more spice powders and masala powders during cooking process. As cardamom is a costly spice if we add it as pods in our food we throw it away as it is. Instead if we prepare and use this spice powder we may use only 1/4 to 1/2 tsp only this saves us lot.

And also it saves our time while cooking process. Making powders everytime is a headache and also if we grind 2 or 3 pods it won’t grind properly. This powder stays good for even 6 months. But preparing in batches keeps the powder fresh and it’s flavor remains good. And also make sure you use clean spoon while using it and also close the container properly.


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