Eid al-Adha 2022 | Bakrid in India 2022 | The Best mutton recipes

Eid-ul-Adha or Bakrid is one of the most popular Muslim festivals celebrated all over the world. It commemorates the sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), who was even ready to sacrifice his first born on God’s command, and later sacrificed a sheep as per God’s instructions.

Eid-ul-Adha (Bakrid) 2022 is on July 10, Sunday

When Is Eid al-Adha In Year 2022?

In 2022, the festival is observed on 10 & 11 July. It falls on Tuesday. According to the Muslim calendar, the festival holiday commences on the sunset of the earlier day and is observed on a similar day. As the international calendar is a solar calendar, the festival date is not the same. The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. Therefore, the festival of Eid al-Adha is observed usually on the same day every year. The date of Eid al-Adha will vary in various countries based on whether or not the moon has been farsighted.

Observances: Sacrifice of a sheep, cow, goat, buffalo or camel, Eid prayers

Home butchering of animals is now banned in many countries, including large swaths of the Arab world, where a fifth of the globe’s Muslim population live.

Meat is still central to Eid al-Adha, which many Arabs refer to colloquially as Eid al-Lahm, or Festival of Meat. But as celebrations deeply entrenched in community and tradition start to slip away, especially for Arab Muslims in the diaspora, people are finding new ways of observing a holiday for which food is a hallmark.

For her, Eid al-Adha now usually includes a large get-together of extended family and friends, with Eid decorations and countless dishes, including nontraditional ones like fattehs (toasted bread-based dishes with various protein toppings and sauces); shushbarak (meat filled dumplings cooked in yogurt sauce); and manaqeesh (flatbreads topped with za’atar and cheese).

Because Islamic holidays are pegged to the Hijri lunar calendar, the exact date depends on the sighting of a new moon, and, over time, the holidays move through the seasons. A decade or two ago, Eid al-Adha was celebrated in cooler weather. Over the past five years, the holiday has fallen in summer, influencing the food choices.

Now that laws have changed, and people don’t slaughter animals at home, the collaboration and sharing, the butchering, the cleaning together, that has all disappeared the old people said.

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Come lets check out the mutton recipes of  cookingmypassion.com to make this Bakrid 2022

As the Muslims sacrifice an animal, generally a goat or a lamb on this day so definitely they prepare dishes of mutton like mutton biriyani, mutton gravy, mutton chops etc… Few of our mutton recipes are below have a look. Happy Bakrid !!!

They divide mutton parts as only flesh, only bones etc. So that they make dishes out of it easily. Mutton bones/bone marrow soup can be prepared and rest of the pieces you can include in mutton biriyani. Other head parts can include in a kuzhambu variety etc. Even we can make use of the intestines to make a dish out of it.

Pakistani Bhuna Gosht recipe in Tamil | Ramzan special Bhuna mutton recipe | Bakrid recipes

How to make bhuna mutton recipe | A slow cooked mutton in the Indian spices. | Bakrid #muttonrecipes #bestmutton #bakrid2022 Mutton Bhuna Gosht : A Dry Mutton Curry Recipe. Gosht a persian term – meaning a slow cooked meat. A mutton preparation that is very popular in Pakistan, the mutton pieces are slow cooked in whole spices, chopped onion and ginger garlic and later fried (bhuna) with lots of ghee and garnished with coriander. Serve it along with rumali roti or naan & any pulao varieties. #bhunamutton #ramzan #Ramzan2022 #bestmutton #muttonrecipes #pakistanirecipes

Authentic Mutton sukkah with freshly ground masalas | Mutton chukka recipe in Tamil | Ramzan special

Check how to make mutton sukka recipe | Bakrid special Indian mutton recipe the best mutton recipe Authentic Mutton sukkah with freshly ground masalas | Mutton chukka recipe in Tamil | Best mutton recipe #muttonsukka #muttonchukka #bestmuttonrecipe #muttonroast

கறி வடை | Kari Vada Recipe in Tamil | Mutton Keema Vada | Minced Meat Vadai | Chettinad recipes | Bakrid recipes | Ramzan

கறி வடை | Kari Vada Recipe in Tamil | Mutton Keema Vada கறி வடை செய்வது எப்படி ? #muttonkeemavada #karivadai #cookingmypassion #mincedmeatvada #keemavada #snacks Minced Meat Vadai – Mutton Keema Vadai – Chettinad Recipes an excellent sidedish or a snacks recipe. You can try this mutton keema vada or Diwali or Ramzan or Bakrid or on a special occassion. Kids and the whole family would love this mutton keema vadai.

Bakrid special mutton recipe | Kaala mutton curry | Black mutton curry | The best mutton recipe

check how to make kaala mutton curry – Maharashtrian cuisine check how to make black mutton curry recipe Kaala mutton curry recipe | Black mutton curry | The best mutton recipe – Maharashtrian cuisine – in Tamil #kaalamutton #kaalamuttoncurry #blackmutton #mutton #NorthIndianfoods #maharashtrian Black Mutton is an exclusive recipe for all the mutton lovers out there. The mutton pieces are coated with a thick spicy ground black paste prepared from whole spices like peppercorns, clove, coriander seeds, poppy seeds, etc. The name comes from its appearance because Black Mutton Curry is dark brownish in color which almost resembles with the black color. The dark color of the gravy is got from charring the onions, coconut and green chillies. It also gives nice taste and texture to the black mutton curry.

அருமையான மட்டன் நல்லி எலும்பு குழம்பு | Chettinad Mutton Nalli kuzhambu in Tamil | Bone marrow curry

Mutton nalli is very spicy and flavorful. Its a delicacy and bone marrow is very flavorful and high in fat. Its really good for boosting immunity. Mutton Nalli is also called as “Mutton Bone marrow” in English It contains a great source of omega 3 fatty acid which has essential for efficient brain functioning. In this video I have shown how to make a Chettinad style spicy mutton nalli kuzhambu recipe with freshly ground masala. mutton nalli when cooked in this masala for long time the contents in the bone marrow get mixed up in the kuzhambu and gives a nice taste. try this tasty mutton nalli kuzhambu and post your comment.

Chettinad Mutton gravy for pulao and naan etc. this Chettinad Mutton gravy is prepared with freshly ground masalas. it tastes really spicy and yummy. Chettinad Mutton masala is spicy and suits to have with any pulao or jeera variety. #chettinad #muttongravy #mutton #chettinadmuttongravy

White Mutton Biriyani recipe in Tamil | Kids special spiceless mutton pulao – CookingMyPassion

#whitemuttonbiriyani #muttonbiriyani #biriyani #cookingmypassion White mutton biriyani is a spiceless version of normal mutton biriyani. And the only spice we add here is the green chilly and the spiceness from the ginger and garlic paste. This biriyani we dont add garam masala powder, instead we add wholes spices. Because the powder changes the color of the rice. In this biryani we also avoid adding toamtoes and again the tomatoes change the color of the biriyani. Instead we add dahi or curd to give nice taste and richness. If you make this white biriyani with ghee am damn sure it tastes really awesome. Kids usually don’t eat a spicy mutton biriyani but they jus love the taste and flavor of this biriyani. For other family members you can serve it with a spicy mutton gravy or a chicken gravy etc. So every one are happy enjoying the rich white mutton biriyani according to their taste. Usually boiled egg is served with biriyani but with this white mutton biriyani I served a spicy egg fry so that others do really enjoy. Please do try and post comments.

Aatukaal paaya recipe in Tamil | Lamb leg paya | mutton paya recipe in Tamil | Cookingmypassion

Aatukaal Paya – Mutton paya recipe – A best sidedish for idiyappam, aapam, idly, dosa. This paya is prepared with 1 goat legs(4 ). Paya is a popular dish made with slight variation in most parts of Tamil Nadu. This recipe is made with the legs of the goat and hence its name Paya. In Tamil Nadu, mutton paaya is usually made for breakfast on special days like Diwali or any family get-together etc. The unbeatable combination are aapam with paaya and idiyappam with paaya. The same combination of dishes are served in many famous and authentic restaurants all over Tamil Nadu. Mutton paya also known as Aatukal Paya has a very creamy gravy with an intense flavour that comes from cooking the legs of the goat.The legs are cooked long enough until it breaks sown and releases its flavour and essence into the paya. Aatukaal soup is also served for sick patients and new moms to regain their health.

பாய் வீட்டு கல்யாண தால்ச்சா | Muslim Wedding Style Mutton Dalcha recipe in Tamil | Ramzan and Bakrid special

Ingredients for Mutton Dalcha recipe Mutton 1/2 kg channa dal 50 , Toor dal 50g Mango 1, Raw banana 1, Brinjal 1/4 kg Tomato 4, Onion 3 Kashmiri Red chilly powder 2 tbsp Coriander powder 1 tbsp Garam masala 1/2 tsp Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp Bay leaf 1, cinnamon 1, cloves 5, cardamom 2 Coriander Leaves, Mint Leaves Green chilly 3-4, Tamarind a small lemon sized.

மட்டன் சால்னா – Chettinadu Madurai Style Mutton Salna recipe in Tamil | Excellent Side dish Parotta

Madurai Special Mutton Salna recipe an excellent sidedish for Parotta. A traditional Mutton Salna recipe that is so popular in madurai with rich flavours that makes it so perfect to serve with parota. Mutton pieces are cooked in onion and tomato based gravy with ground nuts(cashews, roasted gram dal) , coconut few spices to enhance the flavour. Lot of variations are there in making Salna but the basic ingredients are nuts, spices and coconut.

How to make the best mutton chops recipe in Tamil – Spicy and yummy Mutton chops recipe

South Indian yummy mutton chops came out very well. it tastes excellent with chapathi, roti naan etc. mutton chops goes well with rice or rasam saadham.

Mutton Shahi korma recipe in Tamil | best mutton recipes | Shahi mutton kurma | Ramzan and Bakrid special

Kashmir Special Mutton Rogan Josh – Kashmir to Kanyakumari Special Recipes

Mutton Rogan Josh is famous for its authenticity it is prepared with freshly ground spice masalas which gives nice taste to this gravy. And moreover they have not added onion or tomato to this gravy. Mutton Rogan Josh is prepared with lots of Indian spices and also ginger and asafoetida is one of the must ingredients to include in this recipe. Kashmir special mutton Rogan Josh is cooked in ghee which give nice flavor and color to this gravy. Mutton Rogan Josh is prepared with kashmiri chilly powder so that it gets a vibrant red color along with the spices added. Mutton Rogan Josh is a wonderful mutton recipes which all the mutton lovers will love to have. The mutton is cooked in low heat for almost 45 mins to 1 hour so that it gets its nice taste and color. Preparation is very easy check the video for reference.

மட்டன் சாப்ஸ் கிரேவி – Mutton chops gravy – Best side dish for chapathi

Mutton chops with bones can be made in various ways. You can make chops pepper gravy or pepper roast etc. In this recipes lets make a quick version of gravy with mutton chops which suits the best for chapathi, roti, rice etc.

செட்டிநாடு தலைக்கறி குழம்பு – mutton thalakari kuzhambu | Bakrid and Ramzan special recipes

The goat/lamb head parts is also cooked and it tasted delicious and good for health. You can make a curry variety with the head parts. I have made a chettinad style mutton thalakari kuzhambu.

தேங்காய் பால் சாதம் உருண்டை கறி குழம்பு – coconut milk rice mutton keema balls curry

Minced meat can be easily made at home with the mutton flesh pieces. You can chop the pieces with a sharp knife and wooden board. With minced meat you can make a curry for sidedish. You can make meat balls out of the minced meat. You can also make a steamed momos like dish with minced meat. You can also give a try to mutton kari dosa a famous madurai street food recipe. I have tried a mutton keema balls curry which suits for any type of variety rice like ghee rice, jeera rice or coconut pulao etc.

Madurai Special Kari dosai recipe in Tamil | Keema dosai Madurai street food in Tamil Original kari dosai. Madurai semakkal konar kadai keema dosai.

We made this dosa with home made minced meat. minced is prepared from the mutton pieces. In the shop they usually use stomach part and fat while making minced meat and we don’t like that. so we bought meat and used only the boneless meat for chopping it to fine pieces. if you prepare keema from this it tastes good. a spicy keema curry is prepared and dosa is made. in a hot tawa a laddle full of dosa batter is added and gently roll over do not make too thin. let it be thick, immediately add a egg on it mix well with the batter. add mutton kuzhambu if any on the dosa 2-3 tbsp. adding kuzhambu or gravy while making dosa gives nice taste. add oil 2-3 tsp at once add the prepared keema generously on the dosa. let it cooked in simmer for few mins and gently flip over. after turning add little oil and cook for 2 mins. the mutton layer is roasted well and it’s in nice brown color. serve hot with kuzhambu.

Mutton keema biriyani | Minced meat biriyani | Spicy and tasty | Bakrid recipe | Ramzan special

Mutton keema biriyani or minced meat biriyani is also very tasty and delicious and can be easily made at home. Making the minced meat at home is only a difficult task later making the biriyani is very easy with the Indian spices and keema is easily cooked along with the rice. It doesn’t take much time to make the keema biriyani.

Ramzan special mutton dum biriyani – Eid special | Bakrid mutton biriyani | Ramzan recipes

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