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In this post let us check the health benefits of Ragi and the recipes that can be done with Ragi or Finger millets. Ragi has numerous health benefit rich in Calcium and fibre and it is good for diabetic people too. Ragi can even be given to a 6 month old baby as it is easily digestible. Let us quickly check the information about Ragi.

Ragi, scientifically called Eleusine coracana, is an annually cultivated cereal crop, vastly found in the tropical regions of Africa and Asia, such as in Ethiopia, India And Sri Lanka. Being densely packed with a host of nutrients, ragi confers valuable health benefits such as enhancing digestion, reducing the risk of heart disease, slowing down ageing and managing diabetes.

Finger Millet or Ragi is a cereal widely consumed by the people of south India and many African countries. It is known as a wonder grain for weight loss. It is rich in calcium and has a high fibre content. It is considered to be the best aid for people suffering from diabetes. It is also a common baby food in south India. Babies that are 28 days old are fed ragi porridge and this helps in easy digestion. This will help strengthen the baby’s bones by providing high calcium and iron to the body.

Health Benefits of Ragi:

Prior to the 1950s, whole grains like ragi, brown rice and barley were organically grown and considered a traditional diet until rice became India’s staple food. With the dawn of Information and Technology (IT), most individuals do stick to a planned diet thus making them prone to eating instant food. As a result, they develop heart diseases and cancerous tumours in their body.

Doctors suggest diabetic patients and normal people to consume ragi to avoid such diseases. This cereal has become absent for most teenagers. However, this article is focused on the benefits and wonders that ragi can offer in the long run. Check out the bullet point below for the amazing health benefits of Ragi.

1. High Protein
2. Natural Weight Loss Agent
3. Prevents your Skin from Ageing
4. Ragi is Good for your Hair
5. Ragi has loads of Calcium
6. Increases Production of Mothers Milk
7.Prevents Diabetes
8.Good Digestion
9. Ragi Keeps you Relaxed
10. Prevents Colon Cancer

Recipes made with Ragi

கேழ்வரகு முருங்கைக்கீரை அடை | Ragi Adai recipe in Tamil | Immunity boosting | Vitamin C | Iron #ragiadai #immunitybooster #diabetes

கேழ்வரகு இடியாப்பம் | Ragi Idiyappam recipe in Tamil | Kezhvaragu idiyappam Healthy breakfast

கேழ்வரகு களி கருவாட்டு குழம்பு

அணில் ராகி சேமியா உதிரி உதிரியாக செய்யும் முறை | Anil Ragi Semia | Readymade ragi semia

Ragi puttu recipe in Tamil | Kezhvaragu puttu healthy breakfast recipes | Alternative for Idly dosa #ragi #ragiputtu #breakfast #recipes

Eating Ragi is good, But not in Excess

Excessive eating is bad and most importantly ragi must be consumed in a limited way such that your reliance on it doesn’t determine your eating habits. Excessive intake of ragi can increase the quantity of oxalic acid in the body. However, this is strictly not recommended for people suffering from kidney stones. Ragi comes power-packed with healthy nutrients that fight diseases and relaxes your body to function with ease. Thus, this cereal must be added to your daily diet to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

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