About Me

Hello Friends,

My name is Poornima Thirumurthy Kumar born in chennai (Tamil Nadu), Studied BSc Mathematics did MCA and  working as Technical Lead in a software company. I have more than 8 years experience in IT field. I was a freelance web designer while pursuing GNIIT (Software Engineering) course in NIIT. But later then I gave up my time only with my company.

Though I would like to cook before marriage for my parents and my elder brother, cooking has become my passion since (2014) I got married and became Poornima Senthil Kumar, its just because to impress my hubby. And I would like to do more recipes for my daughter Keerthana who is 15 months old now, many times she would not try it at all. Now I would like to post my recipes to the world to impress you all.

I have planned to launch this website on 14th April 2017. And its going to be updated with new recipes frequently.

Cooking healthy food, eating happily and staying active without any illness till the last breath is the way of my life.

And I would be very happy to know my friends are too happy and healthy with my recipes.

No rules, Don’t be afraid to do whatever you want.
Cooking doesn’t have to have rules.
I don’t like it that way. – Masaharu Morimoto

Thank you.