SuthaSaivam diet plan

SuthaSaivamDiet plan weight loss
SuthaSaivamDiet plan weight loss

சுத்த சைவம் டயட் – உடல் எடை குறைய

Introducing SuthaSaivam diet plan for we the South Indians. I know very well South Indians cannot live without eating rice. Rice accomodates 3/4 th of our plate, but some of them knows something about a balanced diet will have a plate with 1/4 th rice for carbohydrates need, 1/4 th protein from vegetables and Dal’s, 1/2 plate with complete vegetables or fruits. So we are going to follow the same pattern but with some day rice or without rice. Instead of rice let us substitute with any millets like quinoa. You can also have carbs in other form like having a sweet potato or simply boiled potatoes.

Before going to the diet plan let me tell the history of SuthaSaivam diet plan and how it came to my knowledge. When I was planning for my second pregnancy my weight was 90 kg. So me and my husband without any further delay started dieting by eating only vegetables. Not only raw vegetables we mainly included cooked vegetables curry like poriyal, kootu, stir fried vegetables. This method of eating vegetables and including in our diet was really awesome, yes it was tasty and satiates your hunger and satisfies your taste buds.  This was not making you feel that you were on a diet. So we tried many vegetables and cooking it different and including in diet. If we prepare kootu we use vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge gourd etc with more water content. These vegetables are good when you are on a diet. Watery vegetables makes you to lose weight. while eating kootu we include a little rice to mix it up and enjoy having it. If we prepare any kind of gravies we prepare chapathi and have.

SuthaSaivam diet plan
#SuthaSaivamDiet plan

Actually the name of the diet plan is quiet different and it means what to be done in this diet. Actually a no non-veg diet plan. When I was in my diet one day at my office one of my colleague (brother) noticed me having only vegetables. Day by day he noticed me having and following the strict diet and the changes in my weight. One day while gathering he often criticize me by telling “suthasaivam” right and laugh at me. I do remember that and so I name this diet plan as SuthaSaivam diet plan for South Indians. I thank my colleague brother named Jayaseelan one of my well wisher and advisor for naming my diet.

Let me give you various combinations of having or including vegetables in your diet. When you have it in a tasty format definitely you will include it in your diet daily and continue dieting further.

No strict restrictions : Avoid tea or coffee if want to have a tea or coffee have once in a week or twice as a stress buster with palm sugar or jaggery, don’t use white sugar.

We South Indians are big nonveg lovers but try for not having it and cleaning your system once in a while. If you like to have Biriyani don’t starve for it, just have or give a taste to it if you avoid things which you like it actually it becomes as a stress. Kindly note the next day you must be strict in your diet by balancing the previous day feast.

Similarly eat 6 times a day, don’t wait till you get more hungry as it leads to eating more. So eat at regular intervals I will provide a sample meal plan so as to make you familiar with the diet plan. You can change the diet plan as your wish. If you strictly follow this diet plan you can reduce 8-10 kg in 2 months. Reducing weight immediately is not good for health you need to slowly reduce weight so that you not put back weight again. And also our body needs time to accept the changes we make to the diet. Make note we are not having any supplements or not using any other weight loss products we simply having a balanced diet so there will be no side effects. The only effect is you will be losing weight slowly and steadily and also by eating your favorite veg kootu, poriyal etc.

Check my weight in 2 months. Note my husband lost around 11 kg following the same diet plan. It varies from person to person.

My weight reduction in 2 months
My weight reduction in 2 months

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Early morning around 6am – 7am

Have a warm water / warm water with lemon honey or any weight loss drink of your choice

In summer you can have butter milk with curry leaves and coriander leaves its a wonderful fat cutter drink.

Morning breakfast 8am – 9am

Have 3 idly with sambhar chutney a regular breakfast but little not more

You can have chapati, poha or even a veg salad

Between 10am – 11am

Have a fruit of your choice or a juice or butter milk or a salad

Lunch between 1 pm – 2 pm

Have a balanced meal with only 1/4 th of rice or no rice. Have more veg curry like a kootu or poriyal.

You can also have 1 roti, 5 tbsp cooked rice, keerai poriyal and kootu.

Alter the combination as you like. But make note that you must have 2 veg curries each a bowl full. This veg curry make you full for longer.

You can also eat vegetables first before having rice. Eating vegetables make you full and you wont take much rice.

Evening snacks between 4pm – 5pm

Have cooked lentils, sprouts or brown chickpeas etc. Have a bowl full of raw vegetables salad.

You can also have brown bread veg sandwich with topped up with paneer. You can also have corn sandwich but without mayo or sauce.

Dinner around 7pm – 8pm

Have 2 roti with dal or veg curry or raw veg salad or with onion and cucumber raita.

Late-night 9pm – 10pm

Have any weight loss drink or even plain milk with cardamom flavored or almond milk without sugar.

Check recipes that can be taken during this diet plan


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SuthaSaivamDiet plan weight loss

SuthaSaivam diet plan

Cuisine Indian
Servings 6 Meals per day

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