Boost Your Child’s Brain Growth

Proper nutrition is important for the functioning and growth of the brain in children. The children mental health is very important through their life in order to lead a happy and successful life. We the parents are very much responsible for your child brain development. And the food plays a vital role in overall development of your child and not only the genes.

The years at early stage are critical for brain development, and what they eat affects focus and cognitive skills.

The following foods can help children’s brains stay active all day long and stimulate their brain development.

1. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein. Egg yolk is rich in choline, which helps boost memory power.

You can give egg in any form like hard boiled eggs or omlette or scrambled egg. Everytime you give change the form because some kids get bored.

Egg rice for kids

Muttai dosai / egg dosa

Mixed veg omelette

Egg paratha

2. Whole grains

Whole grains such as rice, whole wheat and millets are rich sources of glucose. They are ideal foods for brain health as the brain needs a regular supply of glucose. Whole grains also contain vitamin-B complex, an essential nutrient for a healthy nervous system.

Giving whole grains as a snack to school is a good idea as it keeps them full for longer. Any kind of Sundal is good and it has lot of health benefits. But some picky eaters totally avoid eating any kind of Sundal or millets for them you have to think out of box. Giving the good things in a modified way would be beneficial. Check some of my recipes.

Karamani rajma vada

Millets masala vada for evening snacks

Kambu dosa / pearl Millet dosa

Kambu masala vada

Thinai panniyaram

3. Greens

Spinach is rich in folate, which enhances the functioning of the nervous system. Greens are also an important source of vitamins and minerals.

Most of our children avoid eating spinach, even we doesn’t like but doing it in different way everyone can enjoy eating. Check some of my keerai recipes. And try to include it in at least one day in a week.

Manathakali keerai poriyal

Murungai keerai poriyal

Drumsticks leave poricha kuzhambu

4. Fish

The fatty fish like salmon are an excellent source of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. These fatty acids are essential for brain growth and functioning, especially during exams. Giving omega-3-rich foods for children is good for brain functionality. “The more omega-3s we can get to the brain, the better it will function and the better kids will be able to focus.”

Vanjaram Fish fry

Vanjaram Fish kuzhambu

Mathi meen kuzhambu

Sankara meen kuzhambu

5. Oatmeal

Oats provide excellent energy which serve as fuel for the brain in the morning. Having oats for breakfast keeps the child’s brain energetic throughout the forenoon session at school. Being a good source of vitamin E, B-vitamins, potassium and zinc, oats helps the body and brain to function at full capacity.

Oatmeal also helps keep the arteries of the heart and brain clear. Include it in your breakfast or dinner once in a while if you are bored eating always.

6. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are packed with protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Nuts improve brain functioning and keep your child’s nervous system healthy. Beans are excellent sources of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. Having beans during lunch keeps a child’s energy and mental capacity at its peak all afternoon.

Sesame seeds ball

Wheat almond ladoo

Poha ladoo

7. Apples and plums

It is a good practice to pack fruits such as apples, plums and berries in children’s lunch and snack boxes. Memory-boosting foods like apples and plums contain quercetin, an antioxidant that fights decline in mental skills.

8. Milk and dairy foods

Dairy foods are generous sources of protein and B-vitamins, which are essential for the growth of brain tissue and neurotransmitters, and for the secretion of enzymes.

They are also rich in vitamin D, which is important for the maintenance of the neuromuscular system and the overall life cycle of human cells.

My daughter doesn’t like to drink plain milk so I give it in a kheer varieties.

Sheer kurma with milk and dry fruits

9. Meat

Meat is not only rich in protein, but also a good source of calcium. Red meat by itself is a good source of iron, which is a great food for memory.

For vegetarians, black beans and soya beans are good sources of iron.

10. Dark Chocolate

Are you craving a luscious way to keep your brain at its best? Reach for some dark chocolate. A study published in the Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews journal found that dark chocolate is a superfood due to its high levels of flavanols. These are special compounds that have been shown to help improve blood flow to the brain, which can increase cognitive function and memory. Another reason to feel good about enjoying dark chocolate is because it has an abundance of polyphenols. These are unique phytochemicals that have been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety. Just remember to choose dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao and try to indulge in no more than two squares a day. So now when you have some dark chocolate, remember that you’re also giving your brain a sweet treat.


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