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Namakatti which is available in all homes of hindu people who do poojas at home. It is used for religious purpose in South India for drawing namam or tilak in forehead and also all over the body by mostly brahmins and also decorating Pooja vessels. They also decorate idol of God with this namakatti.

This holy white sticks are made with Ash or viboothi with clay. One of the most visible external symbols of Hindu identity is the mark that many of us wear on our forehead. The tilaks were used to denote which sampradaya one belongs to. the worshippers of lord vishnu wore a tilak in the shape of U also called namam. The worshippers of Shiva wore in three horizontal lines also called tripundra also called pattai. The lines and the color uses may vary from region to region. Namakatti or Tilak is clay and has so many medicinal uses and commonly purchased when a baby is born.

Applying Tilak is said to have scientific significance. The entire body emanates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves especially the forehead and the spot between eyebrows. The tilak cools the forehead, protects the wearer and prevents energy loss.

Treats Pimples: When you have troubled skin after childbirth, here is a simple aid, just rub the stick with water on a stone and apply on pimple. If mixed with sandalwood its even more effective.

As we all know, almost all clay can be used as face packs. This namakatti can be used on pimple or any heat bumps on your skin. Young girls get pimples during puberty you can easily cure that pimples by applying this paste with sandalwood powder or turmeric powder.

Take a piece of namakatti and put small amount of water on rubbing stone and rub the namakatti on it.

If you want additional results add it with sandalwood powder, it gives a cooling sensation wherever you apply. And also dark spots will go off.

Apply that paste on pimple and leave overnight. You will find results. Whenever you apply make sure your hands are clean and also clean your face with water.

Stomach Pains:

This works effectively for Heat Stomach pains. The paste is applied around belly button and can be left overnight. It gives a lot relief, mostly for kids as we can’t give tablets for everything. One day my daughter 2 and 1/2 years old had chicken the first time and got severe stomach pain due to heat and she was crying like anything and suddenly my mother in law told to apply namakatti. I just prepared a paste out of namakatti and applied on her belly button and gave her a massage. Within 10 minutes she got relieved from the pain.

You can also use this wonderful medicine for stomach pain during periods and also pregnancy. Some people say that the namakatti must be only used for holy purpose and use only on forehead but think it as a medicine and just use it.

Diaper rashes / Heat rash on Baby: Just apply the same paste as above (tilak and sandalwood) on rashes. Always wear a cotton cloth and avoid using diapers.

It works well for all heat rashes and baby diaper rashes. Take the paste and apply the rash, leave it and wash it after it get dried.

Eye abscess / kankatti: Rub tilak with water and apply on the eye. To get immediate results apply with turmeric powder it’s a good for healing for kankatti. Turmeric has excellent medicinal properties to heal the bump soon.

Just add water rub tilak first and add turmeric powder and mix apply on the eye bump leave it overnight. It jus vanishes in 2 days.

Sore throat: Apply the paste on the sore throat. My daughter had severe dry cough two weeks back. She used to wake up at early morning 5 Am and cough continuously. I remember I read from a blog that it can be applied for sore throat. So I applied a paste of namakatti on her throat within 5 minutes her dry cough got reduced immediately. The paste soothes her throat and she slept on my lap for some more time.

All these remedies will work on babies also as its totally herbal and safe.


Benefits of Namakatti or Tilak

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