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Mottichoor ladoo recipe in Tamil | Diwali special sweet recipe motichur laddu recipe | Deepavalli

Mottichoor ladoo recipe in Tamil | Diwali special sweet recipe motichur laddu recipe | Deepavalli#Diwali #mottichoorladdoo #laddu #Diwalisweets #sweets #ladooMotichur laddu are soft, delish melt in the mouth ladoo made mainly with gram flour, sugar, and other dry nuts like cashews and pistachios. The gram flour batter is fried to make tiny balls or boondi and mixed with sugar syrup, nuts or seeds and later shaped to neat round balls. Motichoor ladoo is a popular sweet from the North Indian cuisine and often made during festivals or celebrations like Diwali and other family occassions. Mottichoor laddo is orange in color with tiny boondi.
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
30 mins
Course sweets
Cuisine Indian
Servings 20 People


  • Iron kadai to fry boondhi
  • Boondhi laddle or jhara to make mottichoor laddoo with small holes
  • Pan or kadai to make sugar syrup. wide and heavy bottomed


  • Gram Flour 500g
  • Sugar 800g
  • Water 400ml
  • Food color
  • Pinch salt
  • Pinch baking soda
  • dry nuts cashew, pista
  • cardamom powder 1/2 tsp


For making boondhi

  • In a mixing bowl take 500g sieved gram flour. Sieving gram flour avoid more lumps in the flour. Add orange food color, a pinch of salt, add a pinch of baking soda. Mix everything well. Add water little by little. Mix well without any lumps. We need a thick flowing batter to make boondhi. Check the right consistency. The batter should not be thin nor thick.
  • Preheat oil in a kadai. Using boondhi Jhara / Boondhi making laddle. Place a height steel box near by the handle close to the stove and tap on it. So that while you tap it doesnt touches the Kadai. As the boondi is very little it gets cooked faster. Mix and take the boondhi. Am using steel filters to take the boondi. Place the boondhi in a kitchen cloth or tissue so that excess oil is absorbed. Make all the boondhi in the similar way. Check the boondhi is seperate pearls. You can also fry the boondhi in ghee to get a rich taste and flavour.

For making sugar syrup

  • For making sugar syrup am adding 800g sugar in a pan. Add 400 ml of water. This is for medium sweetness. You can also add 1:2 ratio for gramflour : Sugar. Add a pinch of food color. We no need single string consistency here. The syrup should become thick and sticky.

For making ladoo

  • Once the sugar syrup is thick and sticky, Now add the prepared boondhi to the sugar syrup. Mix well in low flame. Add 1/2 tsp cardamom powder. Now the mixture is getting thick. Switch off now.
  • Transfer to a tray. Let it cool down. Add chopped pistachios. Add fried cashews. You can also add cucumber seeds. After its cooled down mix well. You no need to shape ladoo when its still hot. Make ladoo when its cooled down but mild warm. Gently press and make ladoo. Size of the ladoo is upto you. Yummy motichoor ladoo is ready. Store in air tight box. Stays good for a week.



Make sure the boondhi batter is in correct consistency. It should either be thick nor thin it should be a thick flowing batter.
Make sure you use a tiny holed motichoor laddle or boondi jhara with tiny holes.
If you dont have one use jalli karandi covered with aluminium foil and make tiny holes in it to get a tiny boodhi.
Keep note that while making sugar syrup we no need single string consistency. The syrup should be sticky.
Make sure you drain excess oil from the boondhi otherwise you get oil smell and also the texture will differ
Allow to cool well. We no need to make ladoo when the mixture is hot. 
Once its cooled down but still warm we can able to make ladoo. then only we did it in correct way.
Drain excess oil in a kitchen tissue or kitchen towel
Before adding boondhi to syrup the boondhi should be seperate pearls.
before adding boondhi to syrup make sure its sticky so that the boondi absorbs the syrup. if the syrup is watery boondhi becomes mushy in water. keep an eye.
after adding boondi make sure u keep in low flame and mix well
when the mixture becomes thick switch off immediately and transform to a tray. dont keep in the same kadai.