Tutti frutti – watermelon rind
Servings Prep Time
41 small cup 15Mins
Cook Time Passive Time
20Mins 5Hours / Overnight
Servings Prep Time
41 small cup 15Mins
Cook Time Passive Time
20Mins 5Hours / Overnight
  1. Am going to use the white edible part of watermelon to make this tutti frutti.
  2. Remove the fruit part and the skin.
  3. After removing the fruit part, peel of the skin gently.
  4. Cut the rind into thin slices.
  5. Chop them into small pieces.
  6. Now the chopped watermelon rind is ready.
  7. We are going to boil this in water. Preheat water to boil.
  8. Add the chopped rind.
  9. Cook till it’s cooked 3/4 th.
  10. Check in between whether the rind is cooked.
  11. Now strain the excess water and keep aside.
  12. Meanwhile make sugar syrup.
  13. Add a cup or 100-150g sugar
  14. Add 2 cups water and make sugar syrup. boil till 1/2 string consistency.
  15. As we are going to add cooked rinds and boil again the syrup will become more thick.
  16. So 1/2 string consistency is more than good.
  17. Add cooked rinds and mix well.
  18. As the rinds are 3/4 th cooked it gets firm in the syrup and it wonts turn mushy.
  19. Add 1/2 tsp vannila essence. Boil till the sugar syrup is sticky or in one string consistency.
  20. Mix well and switch off in 5 mins. Cool down completely.
  21. As am going to add 3 colors and Coco powder divided into 4 cups.
  22. Make sure it is immersed in syrup and soak well for 4-5 hours.
  23. Add colors of your choice and leave it for 5 hours or overnight.
  24. After soaking strain syrup and leave it to dry in shade over kitchen towel.
  25. Once dried up transfer to air tight container.
  26. This tutti frutti can be used as a top up for icecream, falooda and cakes.
Recipe Notes

Make sure the rind is semicooked or 3/4 th cooked before adding to sugar syrup.

The sugar syrup should be in 1/2 string consistency before adding cooked rinds.

After adding cooked rind to the sugar syrup boil till it’s single string consistency or sticky.

Then only it stays good otherwise chances are there to spoil soon.

Store in refrigerator and can use when needed.