Stuffed capsicum | Aloo and paneer stuffed bell peppers

Stuffed capsicum (bell pepper) recipe is the easy to make home made starter. You can surprise your guest with this starter and sure they will love it. Aloo and paneer mix is a great masala with the flavor of cheese topped up. Absolutely delicious stuffed capsicum with spicy masala inside.

Aloo and panner stuffed capsicum my sister in law introduced this recipe for me. I tried it with aloo, paneer and grated cheese. To add extra flavors I have added chopped capsicum to the masala to have the crunch. It is a wonderful veg starter to have with. Many restaurants have this as a starter because the potatoes, paneer and cheese make your tummy full mainly in buffet meals.

You can also replace the stuffings with egg podimas, mutton keema, or any other mixed veg masala of your choice. This stuffed capsicum I did for the first time. But remember serve it hot to have the delicious stuffed capsicum. Have chosen colorful bell peppers of green, red and yellow color, the color itself is tempting very much.

Dont miss to check the step by step method of doing stuffed bell peppers.

stuffed capsicum
stuffed capsicum

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Stuffed capsicum | Aloo and paneer stuffed bell peppers
  1. Take 3 bell peppers of your color choice. Cut at the top and deseed it.
  2. Grate panneer.
  3. Chop onion and clean curry leaves.
  4. Slice cheese or grate some cheese and keep aside.
  5. Boil 4 potatoes and mash well. Chop some capsicum for added flavor to the stuff.
  6. In a pan add 1 TSP oil. Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Add curry leaves and saute.
  7. Add chopped onion and saute well.
  8. Add chopped capsicum and fry till it becomes little mushy.
  9. Add 1 TSP chilly powder, 1 TSP coriander powder, 1/2 TSP salt. Mix everything well.
  10. Add grated panneer and saute well.
  11. Add mashed potatoes and mix till it binds well with the masala.
  12. Add 1 TSP salt.
  13. Mix everything well for 2 mins.
  14. Now switch off the stove and start stuffing the masala inside the capsicum.
  15. Take a spoon and stuff the masala little by little.
  16. Once you stuffed all the bell peppers. Fry it in a pan.
  17. In a pan add oil and place the bell peppers closed with the top part.
  18. Close lid and cook in the lowest flame possible for 15 - 20 minutes.
  19. After 20 minutes open the top part and top up with some cheese and close.
  20. Cook for 5 more minutes.
  21. Transfer to a plate.
  22. Serve it hot.
  23. See the stuffing inside the capsicum
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