Rava Kichadi recipe – mixed vegetables

Rava Kichadi / Sooji kichadi with mixed vegetables. This time for making rava kichadi we added vegetables like carrot, beans, potato and peas. You can also add vegetables of your choice. Like capsicum, spring onions or any lettuce etc. Adding cashews is optional but it gives nice taste. You can also substitute oil with ghee. If you want to make a non-sticky kichadi add generous amount of oil then only you will get non-sticky kichadi but make sure you dont add more than sufficient amount of oil. one more tip to get a non-sticky kichadi is the rava to water ratio. You must add in 1:3 ratio of rava to water. So that the sooji is cooked well and also tender while eating.

Rava Kichadi

Adding mint leaves and coriander leaves gives nice flavor to the kichadi. And also its better to add garam masala powder instead of adding whole spices as it will stuck in mouth while eating. I served kichadi with coconut chutney, actually you no need any side dish for this mixed vegetables kichadi. If you want one kindly opt for coconut chutney its the perfect combination. coconut chutney with green chilly and tempered with some mustard seeds, dals and curry leaves smells amazing and gives nice taste to the kichadi too.

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Rava Kichadi recipe - mixed vegetables
  1. I have used earthern clay pot, add 5 tbsp oil
  2. Add mustard seeds
  3. Add channa dal and urad dal
  4. Add finely chopped one onion
  5. Add cashew (optional)
  6. Add chopped 2 tomato, Add salt to taste
  7. Add chopped vegetables of your choice
  8. Add fresh green peas
  9. Add chopped ginger
  10. Add curry leaves, mint leaves and green chilly
  11. Saute vegetables in oil
  12. Meanwhile dry roast rava. Took 1 cup rava/ sooji
  13. Add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  14. Add 3 cups of water for 1 cup rava
  15. Allow to boil well make sure the veg is cooked
  16. Now start adding roasted rava little by little stir continously
  17. Keep in low flame and cook
  18. Add chopped coriander leaves
  19. 1/4 th tsp of garam masala
  20. Cover and cook for 2 mins
  21. Open and mix
  22. Soft and non-sticky kichadi is ready to serve
  23. Served with coconut chutney

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