Rajma sundal recipe | Fibre and protein rich snack | Weight Loss recipe

Rajma Sundal the idea given by my husband. As we both are trying to lose weight. We both could not tolerate hunger at office thinking of that I prepared this rajma sundal for our breakfast. We had this at 8:00 Am we did’nt get hunger till 11:30 AM. So even if we are in diet this dish could not make you hunger often. At 11:30 you can have any juice or biscuits and tea.

Rajma Sundal

Benefits of red kidney beans / Rajma Sundal Benefits

It prevents diabetes as it is one of the low glycemic index foods and also they do not shoot up blood glucose levels post meal. It lowers cholesterol levels as rajma is a tremendous source of fibre.

The fibre rich red beans when consumed, occupy a lot space in the stomach and feels full for longer and hence you lose weight quickly.

Have this in the early morning you will not get hunger for longer period and do not crave food. This helps you to lose weight faster in a healthy way.

Nutrition in rajma(per 100g)

Energy – 340 kcals

Protein – 24 g

Carbohydrate – 56 g

Fat – 1 g

Magnesium – 184 mg

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Easy and healthy Rajma snack
  1. Soak rajma overnight. And cook in pressure cooker for 5 whistles
  2. In a kadai add 2 TSP oil
  3. Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds
  4. Add curry leaves and saute.
  5. Add grated coconut and saute well.
  6. Add 1/2 TSP chilly powder and 1/2 TSP salt and mix well.
  7. Add cooked rajma and stir for two minutes.
  8. Rajma sundal is ready to serve.

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