Pori urundai
Servings Prep Time
15Approximately 5Minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
15Approximately 5Minutes
Cook Time
  1. Took 4 cups Pori or puffed rice. Make sure it is fresh and crispy. Do not keep out till you prepare jaggery syrup.
  2. Measured in this cup took 4 cups
  3. In the same measuring cup took 1 cup jaggery
  4. Add jaggery in a heavy bottomed vessel for making syrup
  5. Add 1 cup water in the same measuring cup.
  6. Allow to boil till it becomes thick syrup
  7. Keep in high flame till it get rolling boil.
  8. Once started to rolling boil keep in low flame otherwise it will get burnt underneath.
  9. For checking the syrup consistency, place water in a bowl
  10. Add 1/2 tsp of jaggery syrup if it’s get dissolved we should continue boiling.
  11. Check the color of the syrup now it has become darker in color now again check the consistency.
  12. See now it doesn’t get dissolved and it doesn’t float
  13. When you take with your fingers and roll you can make a small ball out of it. Now the syrup is ready.
  14. Take pori in a wide plate
  15. Strain the syrup on it. Note you should be quick in straining otherwise it will stick. If you feel difficult strain the jaggery syrup in between when it is completely dissolved and again start boiling for making syrup.
  16. And also spread the syrup all over the Pori in the plate.
  17. Mix with a spoon quickly otherwise it becomes sticky and doesn’t bind well with the Pori.
  18. Now mix well by hands, grease your hands with ghee or oil. when it’s hot enough to touch. Start preparing balls by pressing in your hands. Do it when it hot enough to touch.
  19. You won’t get the shape if it’s cooled down to room temperature.
  20. Repeat for the other urundai.
  21. Our traditional sweet Pori urundai is ready. Store it in a air tight container.
Recipe Notes