Mundhiri pakoda | Cashew pakoda

Mundhiri pakoda or kaju pakoda or Cashew pakoda the best tea time snacks did this diwali. But tried the first time and shared the method with you all. Hope you enjoy my recipes kindly share and spread the world.

It has become my favorite snacks and my daughter to like this pakoda very much. I have added both gram flour and rice flour you can also reduce the amount of gram flour and increase the amount of rice flour it tastes more crisp and tastier than adding more gram flour. I have used kashmiri red chilly powder so the color is inviting to have a bite. The important tip is that use fresh cashews otherwise roast a little bit without adding oil and then add to flour. And once you prepare the mixture fry it once do not leave it even a minute. Because the Cashew absorb water and the pakoda will not be crisp and toatally it will flop.

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Mundhiri pakoda | Cashew pakoda
  1. Keep all ingredients ready
  2. Sieve gram flour and rice flour
  3. Break cashews into two halves and add to the flour
  4. Add chilly powder
  5. Sprinkle some asafoetida
  6. Add fresh and clean curry leaves
  7. Add fresh and clean mint leaves
  8. Add 1 tsp salt
  9. Mix well by hands
  10. Add water little by little and mix. The dough should be crumble in texture.
  11. Do not add much water. At once you prepare the dough start frying it. Otherwise cashews absorb water and loses it's crispiness.
  12. Heat oil in a kadai
  13. Add prepared mixture and deep fry in low flame.
  14. Mundhiri pakoda is ready.
  15. Favorite tea time snacks.
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