Maravalli kizhangu ulundhu vadai

Maravalli kizhangu ulundhu vadai very crispy and tasty medhu vada. We all enjoyed the taste of this vada. It’s just simple and delicious. Easy to prepare and it’s very good for your kids as it helps in healthy weight gain and maintain good bone health.

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The health benefits of tapioca include its ability to aid in weight gain, increase circulation and red blood cell count, protect against birth defects, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, and prevent diabetes. It also helps improve the metabolic activities, maintain bone mineral density, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, protect heart health, and maintain fluid balance within the body.

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Maravalli kizhangu ulundhu vadai
  1. Take medium sized maravalli kizhangu wash and peel of the skin.
  2. Grate them. It's really little hard to grate my hubby helped me out. So choose little or medium sized.
  3. The grated tapioca or maravalli kizhangu is ready.
  4. Take equal or little lesser Urad dal approximately and soak overnight.
  5. Add to a mixie jar.
  6. Add grated tapioca.
  7. Add salt and grind without adding water. Add little if needed.
  8. Grind to a smooth paste like this.
  9. Add cut green chilly
  10. Add cut onions
  11. Add fresh curry leaves.
  12. Add fresh coriander leaves.
  13. Mix well by hands. At once place kadai on stove add oil and preheat. Do not keep mixture for longer, it may leaves water.
  14. Make vada shapes from the mixture and add to the oil.
  15. Cook in low to medium flame.
  16. Once done take the vadas from oil and serve hot.
  17. Very crispy and tasty vada is ready.

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