Dry Fish Gravy

Dry fish gravy my favorite recipe for hot rice. I will prepare this often and all my family members likes this very much. Mostly this dry fish gravy my mom prepare for koozhu(raggi mudde or raggi porridge) which is very special during the aadi month which falls between july and august of every year. This koozhu will be prepared in the temple and distributed to poor and needy. Those people offering koozhu at home and worship god prepare dry fish gravy the popular karuvattu kuzhambu or karuvattu thokku. This dry fish gravy will be very tasty the next day

Vaala karuvadu is easily available in our markets and it is available in both salted and unsalted version. We usually buy unsalted version of dry fish as in our family people take less salt. When you are using salted version of dry wish do not add more salt in the gravy add half salt it is enough later if you need you can add. otherwise your gravy would become more salty. And also for the next day you can taste as the gravy will absorb most of the juice from dry fish. So buy unsalted version is preferably good.

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Dry Fish Gravy
  1. In a earthen clay pot add 2 tbsp sesame oil
  2. Add 1 tsp mustard seeds
  3. Add 1 tsp cumin seeds
  4. Add 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
  5. Add few curry leaves
  6. Add 3 chopped onion
  7. Saute well in oil
  8. Add salt to make onions to cook fast
  9. Add 5 tomatoes chopped and saute well in oil
  10. Add 2 tbsp chilly powder
  11. Add 2 tsp coriander powder
  12. Saute masala well in oil add salt as required
  13. Add 1 glass water
  14. Add Dry fish I used 1/2 kg vala karuvadu
  15. Allow to boil till the fish is cooked it takes around 10 minutes
  16. Check for salt and spiciness
  17. If required add 1 tsp pepper powder
  18. Boil for 2 mins and switch off
  19. Garnish with curry leaves
  20. Dry fish gravy is ready to serve
Recipe Notes

Important instructions to follow:

  1.  Choose good quality dry fish otherwise your gravy will be spolied
  2.  Some dry fish leaves more water and make your gravy watery and smells like a foul smell
  3.  Add some extra spiciness to overcome the non veg smell
  4. And also and more garlic

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