Christmas fruits and nuts cake recipe
Servings Prep Time
10 -15people 20 mins
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
10 -15people 20 mins
Cook Time
For fruits and nuts soaking
  1. 100 g black raisins, wash and soak 1 hour to take juice.
  2. After soaking for 1 hour let us grind in mixie jar to squeeze out juice
  3. Grind well in mixie jar with little water at a time.
  4. Strain the juice and discard the pulp. Grape juice is ready.
  5. Grape juice, Black raisins 50g, Raisins 50g, tutti frutti 50g, almonds & cashew 50g, dates 50g, cherry 50g.
  6. We are going to soak in this juice, Cherry, cashews and almonds chopped
  7. In a mixing bowl add all the fruits and nuts. Mix well and add the prepared grape juice soak overnight or 8 hours. Refrigerate it
  8. Let us make sugar caramel with 50 gms sugar
  9. In a pan add 50 gm sugar little by little. Add 2 -3 tsp water and let it caramelize.
  10. Sugar mixture turns brown like this immediately switch off and transfer to bowl otherwise it loses consistency.
  11. In a mixie jar add cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and 200g sugar. Grind to fine powder. transfer and keep aside
  12. In a mixing bowl add 3 eggs
  13. Using a beater beat well / whisk. Add the caramelized sugar and then beat
  14. Add 150 g butter (at room temperature) and beat.
  15. Add vannila essence for extra flavor.
  16. Add powdered sugar little by little and beat well.
  17. Add baking powder 3 tsp, baking soda 1/2 tsp.
  18. Add maida little by little with milk, Adjust milk accordingly.
  19. Beat well till well combine.
  20. Add cocoa powder 1 tbsp heaped and beat well.
  21. Mix well and then we can add soaked dry fruits and nuts
  22. Now let us add the soaked nuts and fruits.
  23. Mix well till well combined
  24. Grease a baking pan (0.5kg) with butter.
  25. Dust with flour.
  26. Keep a butter paper on it, Grease with butter on the paper.
  27. Add the contents of the cake to the pan
  28. Topup with cashews, almonds, cherry and grapes or nuts of your choice.
  29. Pre heat oven140 d 10 mins. Bake for 140 degree, 1 hour/60 mins. Set time for 40 mins check and then also you can bake setting 10 – 15 mins.
  30. Super moist and soft cake is ready. remove from the pan and Cool completely
  31. Remove butter paper gently.
  32. Serve in pieces.
  33. Christmas cake is ready enjoy with family !!! Merry christmas !!!
Recipe Notes

Tips and Tricks

You can make juice from fresh grapes also. If fruits not available you can use dried black grapes.

If you do not like grapes juice alternate with orange juice

Adding dry nuts its your choice

caramel sugar is optional but this gives nice color to the cake

Preheat oven always before baking this gives evenly raising cake