Chettinad style Karapodi meen kuzhambu – Pony fish

Chettinad style Karapodi meen kuzhambu – Pony fish

This is the first time and trying fish kuzhambu with this karapodi/pony fish. It tastes really good when we make with chettinad style. Fish kuzhambu tastes really heavenly when prepared with freshly ground masalas. Usually fish kuzhambu tastes good the next day but when you add freshly ground masalas and cook properly the masalas it tasted good the same day itself. Pony fish/silver belly fish is commonly found in Tamil Nadu and it can be identified easily by its silver color.

This fish kuzhambu can be served with idly, dosa or hot steamed rice. This is a wonderful menu for non veg guest lunch ideas. You can serve with hot steamed idly in the morning or with steamed rice with fish fry and fish kuzhambu or with rasam.

Chettinad style karapodi meen kuzhambu
Chettinad style karapodi meen kuzhambu

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Chettinad style Karapodi meen kuzhambu - Pony fish
  1. In a kadai add 2-3 tsp oil for roasting the masala.
  2. Add 1 tsp cumin and 1 tsp fennel and saute well
  3. Add 1 tsp pepper corns and mix
  4. Add shallots and onion together around 200 gms. You can also use only shallots if you have.
  5. Add 3 tsp coriander seeds or you can user coriander powder in the kuzhambu directly.
  6. Add 1 inch ginger chopped and garlic 5-6 cloves peeled
  7. Add 5-6 red chilly or as required.
  8. Add 1/2 shell grated coconut, coconuts is completely optional. It gives nice taste, you can also add thick coconut milk directly in the kuzhambu.
  9. Once the masalas turn nice color switch off and cool down completely by transfering it to a plate.
  10. Add to a mixie jar and grind to smooth paste add little water if required.
  11. Kara podi fish / Pony fish cleaned and washed 1 kg.
  12. I used a earthern clay pot for preparing fish kuzhambu. Add 3 tsp sesame oil. sesame oil also give nice taste to the fish kuzhambu.
  13. Add 1/4 tsp of fenugreek and curry leaves.
  14. Now add the ground masala paste and mix well
  15. Add 1 tsp turmeric powder and mix well
  16. Add tomato paste - ground 5 tomatoes in mixie jar, Stir well till the raw smell goes off
  17. After the tomatoes sauted well, Add 2-3 tsp chilly powder. Add required salt and mix well
  18. Add enough water, Soaked a lemon sized tamarind in hot water. Add tamarind juice now to the kuzhambu.
  19. After adding tamarind juice check for salt and spiciness. Adjust accordingly am adding a tsp of coriander powder and a tsp of chilly powder.
  20. Check for salt and allow to boil well. Now after boiling, oil started to ooze outside
  21. Pony fish is nice and fresh it gives nice taste to the kuzhambu
  22. Now add cleaned fish one by one. After adding all the fish make sure the fish have enough space to cook.
  23. Add chopped coriander leaves and switch off immediately. Let it gets cooked in the heat of the pot.
  24. Cover and keep the fish gets cooked in the heat of the pot
  25. The fish itself is very tasty, when you prepare in chettinad style it will be very very tasty.
  26. Serve with idly, dosa or steamed rice. Tastes heavenly the next day. Try the recipe and comment.

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