Beetroot pulao for kids | Healthy lunch box ideas

Beetroot rice / beetroot pulav for kids. Very healthy lunch box ideas for kids and a colourful recipe for toddlers. My daughter didn’t like the reddish colour of beetroot pulao and she avoids eating the red rice, so I have added only one beetroot for 2 glass rice. And also I have added coconut milk it just gives light colour to the rice and gives nice taste and flavor.

Health benefits of beets for babies

Feeding vegetables from an early age is perhaps one of the best steps that a mother can take to ensure good health of her baby. Beetroot with abundance of nutrients and numerous health benefits is a very good choice.

Availability of minerals and vitamins: The importance of minerals and vitamins in infant diet cannot be overlooked. Judicious supply of vitamins and minerals marks the beginning of healthy growth of your child. Beetroot being rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin E etc is recommended for your child. A diet deficient of vitamins and minerals can be a cause for many diseases such as beri beri, night blindness, rickets, osteomalacia, angular stomatitis, glossitis, diarrhoea, etc. Feeding your child with vegetables such as beetroot can drastically decrease the risk of developing the above mentioned diseases.

Decreases the risk of anemia: Risk of anemia is not only present in women but also in infants and children. Anemia develops due to lack of iron in the body. This deficiency is caused by iron and beetroot is a very good source of iron, especially for children. High iron content in the body helps in producing red blood cells, supplies oxygen to the various parts of the body and also has a major role in brain development in the early months.

Improves digestion: Beets are also known for their digestion promoting activities. Promoting digestion of infants is necessary. As their digestive systems are still weak, feeding them with easily digestible foods and those foods which promote digestion. In this way, you can improve the digestive system of your child and make him or her healthy all the way.

Beetroot for increased brain activity: Beetroot promotes blood circulation in the brain. Increased brain activity in the early years of development will lead to optimum brain functioning in the later years.(source-parentinghealthybabies website)


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Beetroot pulao for kids | Healthy lunch box ideas
  1. Add 2 chopped onion ,1 inch ginger piece roughly chopped and 10-12 garlic cloves in a mixie jar.
  2. Grind to a smooth paste.
  3. Grind 4-5 piece of coconut by adding little water in a mixie jar.
  4. Extract milk from the coconut one glass is enough.
  5. Wash and Soak 2 glass rice in water
  6. In a cooker add 2 tsp oil
  7. Add ground onion paste and saute well.
  8. Add cut 3 green chilly
  9. Add bay leaves, cloves and cinnamon stick
  10. Add few curry leaves
  11. Add 1 grated beetroot. My daughter doesn't like much reddish rice so I have added only one beetroot. And also if we add more beetroot it gives sweet taste to the rice.
  12. Add coriander leaves and saute well.
  13. Add 2 tsp salt and mix well.
  14. Add soaked rice, I used regular rice and we add 2 and 1/2 glass water for each glass of rice. So totally 5 glass water for 2 glass rice.
  15. Mix rice well till bind
  16. I got 1 glass full of coconut milk.
  17. So remaining 4 glass water I have added
  18. Allow to boil and check for salt and adjust. The water should be little salty.
  19. Close lid and pressure cook for 3 whistles in medium flame. It differs for each brand of rice.
  20. Beetroot pulav is ready to serve for your kid.

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